Thursday, September 11, 2014

Angels and guides are all around, Archangel Michael.

I am going to do my best to update my blog more and not let myself be distracted from it. Before my appointments today I had some quiet time and decided to ask what is most beneficial for everyone to hear today. Well Michael has been my buddy lately so he quickly stepped forward and said I have a message that all could benefit from, just a reminder for them. This is what he said:

"Angels and guides are all around. Call upon them and utilize their assistance. No task is too small or too large. We are here to help, just ask! Believe it or not we do respond to your requests immediately. Don’t ever doubt that your request has been heard and don’t ever think you are not worthy enough to talk to us. We listen to everyone, we assist everyone.

Chances are we provide answers in a way that you aren’t expecting. Please drop your expectations when working with us, as we deliver in many creative ways, most all disguised as a lesson and often different than your current expectation. We do assist when requested, we assist with what we can. We do have to work with the universal laws and free will, so keep that in mind when asking for our assistance. We will not manipulate someone’s feelings for you or manipulate any outcomes. Manipulation is a violation of free will. We can however guide you to a solution for your perceived ‘problem’. Though, I would like to point out that we don’t see any of your experiences as problems and would encourage you to adopt that reality. Don’t label experiences, let them be as they are. They are all learning lessons and opportunities for you to grow, they are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experiences, they just simply are experiences.

We will gladly protect you. We will gladly send you uplifting and healing frequencies. We can tell you what is most aligned for you. We can even suggest to you what to eat at the grocery store, guiding you to foods that are most beneficial for you that day. We can help you with meditation and experiencing different frequencies. We can assist with finding objects that are lost. We can be a reminder that you are never alone. We can be there for you to vent to and while you are venting we will send you love and lift your frequency. We can show you how to change your perceptions of reality. We can speed up or slow time for you. We can assist you with attracting abundance. We can point you in the direction of a career that is most aligned with your path. We can calm a storm for you of protect you during said storm. We can enhance your awareness and creativity. We can give you the courage and confidence needed to get through an experience. We will assist you no matter what your belief system is. We do not judge.

As you can see, my point is, we will and always do assist when asked to do so. We assist eagerly and with pure love for you. Don’t be discouraged if the answer is not what you expected, it rarely ever is. This is just a reminder that we are here and waiting to assist you, in any way that we can, you need only to request. "

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Creation through passion, love and synchronicity. Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael has been working with me, giving me this information to share with everyone. He wants to teach everyone how to use their creativity to manifest a loving reality.

Creation through passion, love and synchronicity.
Creating is essential to create life or death. You choose life or death through your passion of choice. If you choose to create negatively, you are ultimately choosing what you would call difficult times and stress, ultimately sickness. Choosing to create positively brings love, health, abundance and fulfillment.

Finding a way to be creative is to create something of value. Creating something of value, being of service to the spirit and of the collective will bring you into alignment with your full potential. What do I mean, ‘create something of value?’ I mean create with love and passion. Your passions are your key. For example, if you love energy work and offer it to others because you genuinely want to help, not solely for money, then you are creating positively, adding value to the collective and serving spirit. This creates a balance within your alignment and brings abundance and fulfillment faster. Another example, someone who loves music and is creating a service around music for the love of it, not for material gain. One last example, someone who is good with construction and offers a repair service, for the love and passion they have towards providing this service to others, not for material gain. I know, I am repeating a lot, it is only to let it sink in that the best way to attract abundance is through creation of passions and being of service. Focusing on starting anything with the intent to generate and bring in money for you exclusively is not positively aligned. You are choosing to create with greed and that is a negative emotion. Sure, ‘money’ can come to you in that way as well, it will come with burdens, it will come with stress, and it will become a burden and deplete your passion for life.

Creation is important for stirring passion within you and creating your desire in your reality. If you do not ignore your passions, watch the synchronicities surrounding this alignment, and create for the love of this passion, it will bring joy, happiness, compassion and fulfillment. Keep your focus on joy, happiness, compassion and fulfillment. I’d like to suggest that you choose to create and offer that creation to others because you love doing that ‘work’ and because you want to add value. Just by using that intent, it will bring you the abundance frequency and energy much faster than if your focus is on money.

If you focus on bringing in money... For example, creating a business model or offering services to others with the sole intent of gaining more ‘money’. ...“Money” now has such a low and negative vibration that you are bringing negativity into your life. You are asking for sickness! Placing your focus on creating ‘money’ invites stress, sickness and obstacles more rapidly to you. This has the potential to create an imbalance within your alignment and will ultimately deplete your passion. You are creating negatively with that intent.

By creating with passion and adding value, it brings your life value, which is fulfillment. Everyone is always asking how they could be successful or fulfilled. Why can’t success be measured in value? So the more value you give to humanity and the collective consciousness, the more value you will receive for yourself.  That is fulfillment and that is the true success and is what matters on the ‘other side’ aka ‘heaven, spirit world and/or etc’, whatever you’d like to call those dimensions. You cannot bring your ‘money’ with you once you leave this plane of existence. How much you have loved and how much you have shared that love and passion are all that is important for your soul. Learn to balance the spiritual and the material while you are here. People are rapidly awakening and realizing there is more out there than the daily routine for material survival. Needing to work all day is an illusion created by those who are learning the lessons of greed right now. In the end, greed will always come back to you with negative consequences, you cannot use greed as your focus and expect positive results. It won’t happen.

So you come to earth to learn and grow through life experience and also to give back to the collective. Today’s people are constantly being taught to be, as some would say, ‘worker bees’ to survive. This illusion has people focusing on just the material, becoming zombie like and hypnotized. It is creating an imbalance that we hope you as a collective will choose to correct. Focus on creating with your passions and love, this will fill you with light and help the collective of humanity see that it is okay to change belief systems that no longer serve.

Cash is an energy too, just like money. The word ‘money’ has become a negative based energy. The negative emotions of selfishness and greed that has been attached to that word for so long, have changed the energy of money. People feel angered, hopeless, powerless, depressed and sick over that word, that illusion. This has added to the negativity behind it. The word ‘cash’ has a more meaningful value and a creative energy. If you must talk of this substance, back the emotion with love and use the term ‘cash’. Your speech also has power over your reality. I’d like to also suggest being more mindful of how you speak about your material needs. Instead of saying you are having a financial crisis or problem, change your words and perception. Instead say and perceive that it is simply another experience, in reality that is all it is. Realize this and take back your power over the experience. Instead of saying ‘I am having a difficult financial situation’, say, ‘I am having a new experience’. Realize it is just an experience, another lesson, another opportunity for you to grow and create your reality. You are never helpless, you are never a victim unless you allow yourself to be. I know many don’t like to hear that, it doesn’t change that it is truth. You choose your reality. Do you choose to create love and fulfillment or victim hood and fear?

Ask first what is aligned with your current situation? Some forget that perhaps you’ve purposely made the choice to live a more simple life, therefore having large sums of cash may not be in alignment with your current lesson. Instead of asking to receive cash, ask how you can give more to add to humanity and to the collective? That will create balance and benefits everyone as a whole. Naturally, you will receive all the abundance you need when following that alignment.

You must finally come to understand the lesson of your current situation, only then you are ready for spirit to help and correct the physical and material aspect of it. Once the lesson has been understood, send your call for help loud and clear. Say, “Beloved teachers I am doing my best to assimilate my lesson and to change for the better. Please help me find just the right spot to unfold more of my talents and loving service to mankind.” Remember to always keep the faith and watch for synchronicity, it is our easiest way to communicate with you.

Please, put your ego and old belief patterns aside and choose to believe that you can create abundance and fulfillment through your passions and love, through being of service. You all deserve abundance. The old belief that you’ve been conditioned to believe, that you can only survive as a ‘worker bee’, I suggest you have the courage to let that go. Live a more fulfilled and abundant life creating with your passion and love and sharing it with the collective. This is my message, I have encoded it with a frequency to stir up your passions. I cannot create for you. I can assist you in finding your passion, I can give you that nudge and desire. It is up to you to take it and be the creative being that you are and manifest a more loving and abundant reality.

Monday, July 28, 2014


"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing IT." -Chinese Proverb

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My experience with Mary Magdalene.

In the spirit of sharing my experiences. I thought I'd share this loving experience I had last night.

I have had a lot of turmoil going on in my personal life the past couple of weeks. I have been doing my best to process it all and let it go but I couldn't seem to focus with my meditation today and I really needed to relax. So, I decided a bubble bath and some good music would be the perfect way to unwind.

As I lay there soaking in the bubbles, listening to my Phantom of the Opera playlist on my phone I closed my eyes finally feeling myself relax. I lay there replaying the musical in my head as I listened to the soundtrack. Keep in mind, I'm in the bathtub, so I have my phone over on the counter. I did not want it dropping in the tub...

Suddenly, I feel a presence near me and realize the energy signature is familiar and comforting. It was Archangel Michael. He was just checking in on me which I appreciated, with what I've been dealing with. So, I close my eyes and go back to listening to my musical. Shortly after that I feel another presence around me. I noticed it was feminine and it seemed to stay back off to the side. After a quick size up, I determined it was not negative. I simply said 'Hi' and then again tried to close my eyes and go back to relaxing and replaying the Phantom of the Opera musical in my head. All of a sudden my music stops and switches songs. Again, keep in mind I only had the Phantom of the Opera playlist selected to play and my phone was on the counter away from the tub. The song it switched to was 'Ave Maria'. This startled me but I love the song so I let it continue to play. As it played the energy I felt off to the side came over to me and surrounded me. The energy was so loving, so nurturing, so comforting. I had a passing thought of who is this and no sooner had I thought that the song 'Ave Maria' started over again. This surprised me again. I didn't have time to think though as this presence near me poured its overwhelmingly unconditional love into my heart center. At this moment, I recognized the energy, for I have felt it before. It was Mary Magdalene. I could see her nodding at my realization in my mind’s eye. She then reached out to my heart center and my heart opened very wide and her love flowed into me. Her love was so overwhelming I cried. She told me this was good and to give her my sorrows and pain, she would cleanse them away.... and so I did. I
cried...and cried.... and cried some more. As my sorrows and pain left she replaced it with her love and sent me a nurturing, calming energy. She sat with me for a few minutes longer and the song 'Ave Maria' started over again. After what seemed like quite some time, I felt her
presence fade and I decided it was time to get out of the bath. Once I did, I felt so light and free, and firmly grounded for the first time in a while. The song stopped playing and returned to the Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. I couldn't help but smile. Thank you
Mary!!! I needed that after everything these past few weeks...

I wanted to share this loving experience with you. It was so beautiful. I wish I could capture the feeling of love from her with words, but I can't even come close. I am grateful I got to feel it, I know it was a very special experience. Well, to me it was anyway. :) Though, I am curious as to why many things happen while I am either showering or taking a bath. Haha, perhaps because I am alone and super relaxed. One of those mysteries... :)

Hope you enjoyed this read and now I am off to run a few errands.... Light and love to everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Unexplainable Experience

I know I haven't kept up on my blog and I do have a few people telling me to do another entry. Apologies! :) I've been busy adjusting to this new schedule, I have had a lot of new things going on in my professional and personal life. :) A lot of GOOD things. :)

When I was suggested to blog, the one common thing they said was "blog about your experiences". That being said, I am going to put my experiences out there.

This is requiring me to be brave and let go of fear of judgement of how others will perceive my experiences, but I feel I can do this. I've let go of caring how others judge me professionally... so I should be able to do the same personally... hopefully. :)

That being is my first unusual experience to post about. This happened the other day (04/15/14) around 6pm.

I feel it might be necessary to note that I had felt perfectly fine all day. I was relaxing, soaking in a bath. My head started to randomly hurt. It just started throbbing.

I am on a cleanse this month, so I did not want to take any pain pills. I tried to put on my clothes and head to bed, in the process my head rapidly worsened in pain and I felt shaky and feverish. I tried to walk and my legs were weak. I had the thought that I just need to lay down,so I did... on the bathroom floor.

All the noises around me, the heater, the bathroom fan, the water dripping, my neighbors outside, the noises in the house were all intensified and amplified. It got so, so, SO loud… and then silence. It went silent, I heard nothing. Then after a minute I heard in my mind a sweet voice telling me to surrender, to not resist this gift and to relax. Feeling weak, I didn't really have a choice. I just inhaled a deep breath and slowly let it out and my heart rate slowed. I heard what started out as intense ringing in my ears. It started to progress to sounding like a dial on a radio station and then I heard low at first, a beautiful melody. It seemed to literally pour into my ears and travel into my body. That is the best way I can describe the feeling. Eventually it was loud and vibrated my entire being.

As if that wasn't magical enough, I noticed in my mind's eye, beings around me, placing their hands on me in a healing manner. I've never seen these type of beings before. After being consumed in glittery light, I was able to stand up and felt perfectly fine, as if I had not just felt shaky and feverish a minute ago. Wow!

Afterwards, I was able to go about my evening as normal. No sickness or head pain. I don’t know what happened or who they were…. but thanks! :) Once I gave in, it was a beautiful experience.

I keep having strange things happen, like waking up in completely different places and other things I can't explain. So I'll blog about them. Hopefully my weirdness can help someone else out. :) Perhaps knowing they aren't alone out there. :)

On another note, I have another expo coming up in May. May 17th and 18th. I'll be at the big one - the Universal Life Expo. :) This expo is happening twice for the first time this year, so that is cool. I'll be at both and couldn't be happier. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Psychic protection with Anubis.

Anubis really wanted to give a message to everyone. I asked if he could wait to speak this at my event on the 18th and he said he would like to reach as many possible now. My event will be more specific. :) How could I argue? Here is his message:

"Hello, I am Anubis and I wish to speak to you all about the benefits of psychic protection. It is extremely beneficial to use protection during each day. It should be a routine, preferably, every morning and night. Yes you can set intent for shields to stay around you at all times, forever, however you should make it a practice to strengthen and amplify them. Even occasionally clearing some shields.

Psychic protection can help to keep your mind free from outside influence so that your thoughts are authentically yours. This is also true with emotions. Shielding yourself can prevent others emotions from affecting you. Those two reasons should be enough to motivate you to protect yourself. Psychic protection can also protect you from spirit attachments and those who will drain your energies.

All of that combined, will simply help you to be able to BE authentically you. This will allow you to align with your true self and receive guidance/intuition from your true self more easily. Protecting yourself can help to keep your vibrations higher, also allowing for more guidance and synchronicity to happen. The higher you vibrate, the more light you can hold and the brighter you shine.

Those that do know of psychic protection are great at doing it before they meditate or if they encounter a 'bad feeling'. I recommend protecting yourself when you first wake to help you perform from your true self throughout the day. A daily practice will also allow your body to hold life force and keep your energy levels higher, not allowing others and your different situations to take your energy. Because shielding yourself aligns you more with your true self, it will also allow you to be and think more positive. Psychic protection will not let negative emotions, thoughts and impressions, from others enter your aura and effect you. This is all wonderful benefits for you to practice this daily.

What about at night? Don't forget to shield yourself at night as well. Shielding yourself at night can protect your physical body from attachments as well. All the benefits of the day are also given at night. Shielding yourself at night can keep darker beings and energies from visiting you while you sleep and are less aware of your surroundings. It will protect you while you astro-travel.

Most are not aware of how active they really are at night. While their physical body sleeps, the spirit explores. You may visit friends and family in another time and place. You may explore dimensions. Other beings may visit you to assist with your souls evolution or to heal you. Perhaps both! Some of you live double lives one here on earth and another elsewhere at the same time. This is possible for souls to do and is more common than most think. You also receive downloads of wisdom and codes into your body and your subconscious while sleeping. All of these activities can also be effected by lingering negativity or others trying to drain your energy. So you see it is important for you to protect yourself while you sleep because you are just as active and can still be influenced and effected from others and places around you.

So how to shield yourself? The most popular method is just to imagine a bubble of light surrounding your entire being. You can surround yourself with a mirror shield to protect you from others negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This mirror shield takes it a step further and sends all negativity back to the person that is projecting it your way. If they keep trying, they will soon realize that their thoughts, emotions and intentions are not effecting you and stop. You can surround yourself with an electric force field that will zap any entities that try to attach themselves. You can surround yourself with fire to burn away all of your personal negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can even surround yourself with universal gold light to protect from darker beings and dimensions. You can add symbols infused with your favorite ascended master or angel for protection. Whatever shield comes to mind or you feel that you need to do that day/night is correct. You may or may not do the same shield every day. You may need a different shield around different people or a different color for your shields in different situations. It is important for you to play and feel what is right for you. Though none are wrong. It is all about intent. Having the confidence that you are protected and it is so.

Many say, "why protect myself when I can just ask an angel to protect me?" This is not incorrect either. You can ask a guide or an angel to protect you, you can even wear talismans and carry stones to protect you. All are beneficial. Psychic protection, however, helps YOU to be confident that you are protected. It gives you the power to protect yourself and your thoughts. When you take charge and do for yourself, it is automatically more powerful. So why not combine your own psychic protection with your favorite stones and protection from your guide or angel. I, Anubis, encourage you to use all avenues that you can to protect yourself. Whatever you BELIEVE protects you the best is so.

The more you shield yourself psychically, the more you will realize how 'off' you feel or how easily you are 'effected' when you are not protected. Once this realization occurs and is experienced, it enhances your confidence in your protection and ultimately in yourself. It allows you to appreciate what it feels like to operate authentically from yourself without others influence. It only takes a minute to do and offers so much.

For those who are unsure of what shields would be best for them, you can ask me to assist you. I will provide you with a shield that is unique to you and will assist you best that day/night. I can provide you this in meditation as well. Myself and any of your favorite guides, ascended masters or angels will gladly assist you and suggest the best protection for the day.

So make protecting yourself a routine. As soon as you wake, before you leave bed, you can envision which shield you will need for the day and apply it. It only takes a minute of visualization and intent and then it is so. It is the same for at night, before you sleep.

This is my message. Please take a minute out of your day and allow yourself the gift of protection. Make it easier on you to allow yourself to be authentically you and not influenced by others. Thank you for allowing me to give this message. I am Anubis and you may call on me at any time for assistance with shields and for protection. Thank you."

To me that message seems like common sense. :) Mostly because I already have a daily routine of protecting myself that I do while grounding, etc. For others it is a great reminder and another tool to add to your daily meditation practice.

Completely switching subjects now. :) I just wanted to say that I am in love with being of service to you and doing spiritual work for a living. I've had several group events now and both were completely different and unique from anything I've attended. I am enjoying these experiences and having fun. I am grateful to those who have attended both group events.

In a few weeks I will be at the Gift of Light Expo. I am excited to be a part of the expo. I am especially excited for the one in October that I was accepted to be in. The Universal Life Expo is my dream expo. Not only will it be my first year having a booth there instead of being just a visitor, it will be the first year in a new place. :) Perhaps next year I will be a speaker at the ULE. We shall see. :)

Tomorrow is Valentines day, so I'll give you all an early "Happy Valentines Day"

I am going to go do some editing now. I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

Love and light!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A message from a Pleiadian Council

I sat down at the computer to type up my bio for a brochure and the Pleiadian Council came to me and wanted me to channel this message for you. So, I did not get my bio done but here is a very loving message for you. :)

"We are a collective council of twelve Pleiadians. We want to talk to you about love and not the typical romance type of love or family love. We speak of pure love. A love that most cannot truly understand here on earth. Just because it is often not understood doesn't mean it can't be experienced! We would like to recommend for everyone to experience this phenomenon. We are encoding this message as it is channeled with the pure love vibration so that as you read this it will begin to integrate into your energy fields, opening you to this love.

This love is non judgmental. This love is life force. This love is of the creator. Simply close your eyes and ask the universe to send you this pure love. You have recently been told to connect. Connect with this love. You can ask us, the Pleiadians, to send you this love. We will gladly do so anytime and as often as requested. The angels as well. Any favorite guide you may have can send you this love. You  can even send it to yourself and that is the most powerful way to access this love. Close your eyes and say 'I now send myself pure universal love'. Then allow it to flow into you. If you can't see it happening, imagine it to be so. Imagination is creation and intuition. Imagine a vividly white and gold energy pouring into each of your chakras. By the time you are done imagining this we bet you will feel tingly and happier, more awake. Those who can feel energy well should really be able to appreciate how uplifting this pure love is.

This is just another tool to use to help your daily lives be filled with more joy and pure love. It is another tool to use during stressful events. Earth right now, especially america really needs help with finding the light. Many are already awakening to it. We are here to help this process along. We are giving you this as a tool to help you find the light and feel something other than negative. Once you open to and feel this pure universal love it creates a change in your energy. The more you give yourself this love the more it will help you. Just like anything the more you practice, the more effective and easier it will be to receive this pure love. It is motivating and can help you to be more aware of your passions to point you in a direction that is more fulfilling to your soul. This love heals you. It helps you to be and think and feel positive, therefore allowing yourself to let go and heal from all the negative you have created.

We can sit here and get specific and list the many benefits that can happen if you allow this pure love energy and vibration into your life, however we suggest that this is best experienced, best felt. So we want you to let go of your logical side for a moment and just connect to this energy, ask for this energy or give it yourself. You can even do all three! Stop thinking so much and FEEL. Simply practicing that will switch you into a more positive way of being. Already reading this message, as we have stated, you are receiving this pure love. So stop reading for a moment. Close your eyes and FEEL. Feel this happening. The truth is it is happening whether you feel anything or not. The more you practice, the more you will feel. Once you recognize what you are feeling, you know what to expect when giving this pure love to yourself during a stressful event. People will also be able to sense this in your energy, your aura. You can pass this pure universal love along and we encourage you to do this. If there is someone who you know that is going through a difficult time, send them pure universal love. Intent is powerful, simply state that you are sending whomever pure universal love and it will be done. It really is that easy, that simple.

It is time for us to wrap up our message. Our message to allow this pure love into your life and to spread it and spread the positive. We are here to help you find the light! Thank you for allowing us to give this message."

Thank you Pleiadians. I love their energy, so loving and happy. <3

On another note, I am super excited to say that I did find a wonderful office space! Yay! I now work out of the Center for Alternative Medicine. :) I have an event this Friday that I will be attending with all the practitioners of C.A.M. I will be doing what I can to get ready for that.

To get my new office space ready for the high level energy work that I will be doing I decided to go into the office last night and clear the room of all stagnant and low level energy. I  connected with my guides and they suggested I draw protection symbols on the walls energetically. I also integrated the Galactic Federation and the Archangels asking them to help get the room ready for the work they will be doing with me. They had me do energy work on the walls! They infused the walls with a high frequency energy to support the healing and energy work I will be doing. While I was doing that, my mother helped out by infusing pure love into the entire space. The Galactic Federation and Archangels then placed their own unique shields around my space and I placed some for protection. It was intense and the room feels amazing! I invite you to come visit me and feel for yourself!

Now,  to buy a few things to make my room pretty. Right now, I just have a small table and a Reiki table with chairs.
I also am feeling that I would like to start a group infusion/channeling type of thing. Once I figure that out I will post the info on my website and meetup.
I am just so happy right now regardless of the stressful events. Stress won't bring me down. :)

Well I really have to get work on my bio for the C.A.M. website so until next time... Namaste!

Friday, January 24, 2014

A message from Archangel Azrael

When asking my guides what to put on my blog they suggested channeled message for everyone. So in keeping with my goal to let go of resistance, that is what I will be doing. I was going to say I'd wait until Monday to do this, but upon sitting at my computer Archangel Azrael said "Why wait? I have a message I'd like to share now." This is what he shared:

"I Azrael, would like to remind everyone to connect daily. Most connect to the creator and to earth and this is good. However, I would like to remind you to also connect out horizontally and diagonally from your heart center with your light column. There are multiple other dimensions that are waiting and willing to send you healing energy and wisdom, all you have to do is connect. The more you are connected, the more information can come to you. It doesn't take long to connect. I'd also recommend a daily practice of visiting a different dimension while in a meditative state. Close your eyes and allow it to come to you. You do not have to understand it, just let it be and enjoy the energy, feelings or visuals it will bring for you. Connecting to these different dimensions will simply add to your experience and wisdom. It will expand your mind more each time. Connecting allows you to explore beyond this reality. It allows you to explore your universe from home. If you are having trouble visualizing or allowing another dimension to come to you, start by connecting to places you already know of on your earth. Places such as ancient healing sites. Allow yourself to connect to the pyramids of Egypt and feel their energy or connect to the many faces of Vishnu in Cambodia. Connect to a sacred temple or even a sacred event you know happened. Play and have fun with these connections and dimensions. This is my message for today, may you always stay connected."

Thank you Azrael! This week seems to be full of different messages to connect. Tuesday this week I attended a channeling where we were given an exercise to connect with life force. My guides last night were having me connect with a state of being and this morning a message about the benefits of connecting to other dimensions. :) How cool. 

On another note, I've been doing my best to do something spiritual every hour even if it is simply touching a rock as a reminder. I must say, it does make you feel better and think clearer. :) What a happy way to start my day. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giving this a go...

I have to admit putting a blog up on my site ads an element of pressure. Do I post daily? What do I post? AHH! :) I have been told by many different guides of mine to blog to reach people. They keep telling me to blog... over and over. :) So instead of questioning and raising my eyebrow, I am going to give in and stop resisting. We will see where this goes... 

I connected and grounded and asked for guidance today on what to write and you know what they said? My thoughts. Well that seems overly simple... 

My thoughts today are that I've been deciding on a new place to work out of. I want to take my business to an office and work out of an office. I want my own office because it's my space to go that will be just mine. I can keep my stones and healing tools there. I can keep the frequency controlled and raised super high. I just want an office that is my own! :) Eventually I'll have it. I am pretty sure I have my options narrowed down... just waiting for a reply to my email....

A bit over a month from now I'll be at the Gift of Light Expo. It will be my second time at an expo event. Working my way up to my dream expo, the Universal Life Expo in October. I've visited as a guest there for years, dreaming of the day I'll have my own booth. I sent in my application and hopefully it will be approved. Fingers crossed! That would be a dream come true and another check off of my wish list. :)

Anyway I am still playing with the design of this blog and my website in general sooo...patience. :) However I think it is time to go get some lunch. I've been up since 8am editing my website and this blog so I want a break. I am sure I'll be back later. :)

Until then...