Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A message from a Pleiadian Council

I sat down at the computer to type up my bio for a brochure and the Pleiadian Council came to me and wanted me to channel this message for you. So, I did not get my bio done but here is a very loving message for you. :)

"We are a collective council of twelve Pleiadians. We want to talk to you about love and not the typical romance type of love or family love. We speak of pure love. A love that most cannot truly understand here on earth. Just because it is often not understood doesn't mean it can't be experienced! We would like to recommend for everyone to experience this phenomenon. We are encoding this message as it is channeled with the pure love vibration so that as you read this it will begin to integrate into your energy fields, opening you to this love.

This love is non judgmental. This love is life force. This love is of the creator. Simply close your eyes and ask the universe to send you this pure love. You have recently been told to connect. Connect with this love. You can ask us, the Pleiadians, to send you this love. We will gladly do so anytime and as often as requested. The angels as well. Any favorite guide you may have can send you this love. You  can even send it to yourself and that is the most powerful way to access this love. Close your eyes and say 'I now send myself pure universal love'. Then allow it to flow into you. If you can't see it happening, imagine it to be so. Imagination is creation and intuition. Imagine a vividly white and gold energy pouring into each of your chakras. By the time you are done imagining this we bet you will feel tingly and happier, more awake. Those who can feel energy well should really be able to appreciate how uplifting this pure love is.

This is just another tool to use to help your daily lives be filled with more joy and pure love. It is another tool to use during stressful events. Earth right now, especially america really needs help with finding the light. Many are already awakening to it. We are here to help this process along. We are giving you this as a tool to help you find the light and feel something other than negative. Once you open to and feel this pure universal love it creates a change in your energy. The more you give yourself this love the more it will help you. Just like anything the more you practice, the more effective and easier it will be to receive this pure love. It is motivating and can help you to be more aware of your passions to point you in a direction that is more fulfilling to your soul. This love heals you. It helps you to be and think and feel positive, therefore allowing yourself to let go and heal from all the negative you have created.

We can sit here and get specific and list the many benefits that can happen if you allow this pure love energy and vibration into your life, however we suggest that this is best experienced, best felt. So we want you to let go of your logical side for a moment and just connect to this energy, ask for this energy or give it yourself. You can even do all three! Stop thinking so much and FEEL. Simply practicing that will switch you into a more positive way of being. Already reading this message, as we have stated, you are receiving this pure love. So stop reading for a moment. Close your eyes and FEEL. Feel this happening. The truth is it is happening whether you feel anything or not. The more you practice, the more you will feel. Once you recognize what you are feeling, you know what to expect when giving this pure love to yourself during a stressful event. People will also be able to sense this in your energy, your aura. You can pass this pure universal love along and we encourage you to do this. If there is someone who you know that is going through a difficult time, send them pure universal love. Intent is powerful, simply state that you are sending whomever pure universal love and it will be done. It really is that easy, that simple.

It is time for us to wrap up our message. Our message to allow this pure love into your life and to spread it and spread the positive. We are here to help you find the light! Thank you for allowing us to give this message."

Thank you Pleiadians. I love their energy, so loving and happy. <3

On another note, I am super excited to say that I did find a wonderful office space! Yay! I now work out of the Center for Alternative Medicine. :) I have an event this Friday that I will be attending with all the practitioners of C.A.M. I will be doing what I can to get ready for that.

To get my new office space ready for the high level energy work that I will be doing I decided to go into the office last night and clear the room of all stagnant and low level energy. I  connected with my guides and they suggested I draw protection symbols on the walls energetically. I also integrated the Galactic Federation and the Archangels asking them to help get the room ready for the work they will be doing with me. They had me do energy work on the walls! They infused the walls with a high frequency energy to support the healing and energy work I will be doing. While I was doing that, my mother helped out by infusing pure love into the entire space. The Galactic Federation and Archangels then placed their own unique shields around my space and I placed some for protection. It was intense and the room feels amazing! I invite you to come visit me and feel for yourself!

Now,  to buy a few things to make my room pretty. Right now, I just have a small table and a Reiki table with chairs.
I also am feeling that I would like to start a group infusion/channeling type of thing. Once I figure that out I will post the info on my website and meetup.
I am just so happy right now regardless of the stressful events. Stress won't bring me down. :)

Well I really have to get work on my bio for the C.A.M. website so until next time... Namaste!

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