Thursday, February 13, 2014

Psychic protection with Anubis.

Anubis really wanted to give a message to everyone. I asked if he could wait to speak this at my event on the 18th and he said he would like to reach as many possible now. My event will be more specific. :) How could I argue? Here is his message:

"Hello, I am Anubis and I wish to speak to you all about the benefits of psychic protection. It is extremely beneficial to use protection during each day. It should be a routine, preferably, every morning and night. Yes you can set intent for shields to stay around you at all times, forever, however you should make it a practice to strengthen and amplify them. Even occasionally clearing some shields.

Psychic protection can help to keep your mind free from outside influence so that your thoughts are authentically yours. This is also true with emotions. Shielding yourself can prevent others emotions from affecting you. Those two reasons should be enough to motivate you to protect yourself. Psychic protection can also protect you from spirit attachments and those who will drain your energies.

All of that combined, will simply help you to be able to BE authentically you. This will allow you to align with your true self and receive guidance/intuition from your true self more easily. Protecting yourself can help to keep your vibrations higher, also allowing for more guidance and synchronicity to happen. The higher you vibrate, the more light you can hold and the brighter you shine.

Those that do know of psychic protection are great at doing it before they meditate or if they encounter a 'bad feeling'. I recommend protecting yourself when you first wake to help you perform from your true self throughout the day. A daily practice will also allow your body to hold life force and keep your energy levels higher, not allowing others and your different situations to take your energy. Because shielding yourself aligns you more with your true self, it will also allow you to be and think more positive. Psychic protection will not let negative emotions, thoughts and impressions, from others enter your aura and effect you. This is all wonderful benefits for you to practice this daily.

What about at night? Don't forget to shield yourself at night as well. Shielding yourself at night can protect your physical body from attachments as well. All the benefits of the day are also given at night. Shielding yourself at night can keep darker beings and energies from visiting you while you sleep and are less aware of your surroundings. It will protect you while you astro-travel.

Most are not aware of how active they really are at night. While their physical body sleeps, the spirit explores. You may visit friends and family in another time and place. You may explore dimensions. Other beings may visit you to assist with your souls evolution or to heal you. Perhaps both! Some of you live double lives one here on earth and another elsewhere at the same time. This is possible for souls to do and is more common than most think. You also receive downloads of wisdom and codes into your body and your subconscious while sleeping. All of these activities can also be effected by lingering negativity or others trying to drain your energy. So you see it is important for you to protect yourself while you sleep because you are just as active and can still be influenced and effected from others and places around you.

So how to shield yourself? The most popular method is just to imagine a bubble of light surrounding your entire being. You can surround yourself with a mirror shield to protect you from others negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This mirror shield takes it a step further and sends all negativity back to the person that is projecting it your way. If they keep trying, they will soon realize that their thoughts, emotions and intentions are not effecting you and stop. You can surround yourself with an electric force field that will zap any entities that try to attach themselves. You can surround yourself with fire to burn away all of your personal negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can even surround yourself with universal gold light to protect from darker beings and dimensions. You can add symbols infused with your favorite ascended master or angel for protection. Whatever shield comes to mind or you feel that you need to do that day/night is correct. You may or may not do the same shield every day. You may need a different shield around different people or a different color for your shields in different situations. It is important for you to play and feel what is right for you. Though none are wrong. It is all about intent. Having the confidence that you are protected and it is so.

Many say, "why protect myself when I can just ask an angel to protect me?" This is not incorrect either. You can ask a guide or an angel to protect you, you can even wear talismans and carry stones to protect you. All are beneficial. Psychic protection, however, helps YOU to be confident that you are protected. It gives you the power to protect yourself and your thoughts. When you take charge and do for yourself, it is automatically more powerful. So why not combine your own psychic protection with your favorite stones and protection from your guide or angel. I, Anubis, encourage you to use all avenues that you can to protect yourself. Whatever you BELIEVE protects you the best is so.

The more you shield yourself psychically, the more you will realize how 'off' you feel or how easily you are 'effected' when you are not protected. Once this realization occurs and is experienced, it enhances your confidence in your protection and ultimately in yourself. It allows you to appreciate what it feels like to operate authentically from yourself without others influence. It only takes a minute to do and offers so much.

For those who are unsure of what shields would be best for them, you can ask me to assist you. I will provide you with a shield that is unique to you and will assist you best that day/night. I can provide you this in meditation as well. Myself and any of your favorite guides, ascended masters or angels will gladly assist you and suggest the best protection for the day.

So make protecting yourself a routine. As soon as you wake, before you leave bed, you can envision which shield you will need for the day and apply it. It only takes a minute of visualization and intent and then it is so. It is the same for at night, before you sleep.

This is my message. Please take a minute out of your day and allow yourself the gift of protection. Make it easier on you to allow yourself to be authentically you and not influenced by others. Thank you for allowing me to give this message. I am Anubis and you may call on me at any time for assistance with shields and for protection. Thank you."

To me that message seems like common sense. :) Mostly because I already have a daily routine of protecting myself that I do while grounding, etc. For others it is a great reminder and another tool to add to your daily meditation practice.

Completely switching subjects now. :) I just wanted to say that I am in love with being of service to you and doing spiritual work for a living. I've had several group events now and both were completely different and unique from anything I've attended. I am enjoying these experiences and having fun. I am grateful to those who have attended both group events.

In a few weeks I will be at the Gift of Light Expo. I am excited to be a part of the expo. I am especially excited for the one in October that I was accepted to be in. The Universal Life Expo is my dream expo. Not only will it be my first year having a booth there instead of being just a visitor, it will be the first year in a new place. :) Perhaps next year I will be a speaker at the ULE. We shall see. :)

Tomorrow is Valentines day, so I'll give you all an early "Happy Valentines Day"

I am going to go do some editing now. I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

Love and light!

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