Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Unexplainable Experience

I know I haven't kept up on my blog and I do have a few people telling me to do another entry. Apologies! :) I've been busy adjusting to this new schedule, I have had a lot of new things going on in my professional and personal life. :) A lot of GOOD things. :)

When I was suggested to blog, the one common thing they said was "blog about your experiences". That being said, I am going to put my experiences out there.

This is requiring me to be brave and let go of fear of judgement of how others will perceive my experiences, but I feel I can do this. I've let go of caring how others judge me professionally... so I should be able to do the same personally... hopefully. :)

That being is my first unusual experience to post about. This happened the other day (04/15/14) around 6pm.

I feel it might be necessary to note that I had felt perfectly fine all day. I was relaxing, soaking in a bath. My head started to randomly hurt. It just started throbbing.

I am on a cleanse this month, so I did not want to take any pain pills. I tried to put on my clothes and head to bed, in the process my head rapidly worsened in pain and I felt shaky and feverish. I tried to walk and my legs were weak. I had the thought that I just need to lay down,so I did... on the bathroom floor.

All the noises around me, the heater, the bathroom fan, the water dripping, my neighbors outside, the noises in the house were all intensified and amplified. It got so, so, SO loud… and then silence. It went silent, I heard nothing. Then after a minute I heard in my mind a sweet voice telling me to surrender, to not resist this gift and to relax. Feeling weak, I didn't really have a choice. I just inhaled a deep breath and slowly let it out and my heart rate slowed. I heard what started out as intense ringing in my ears. It started to progress to sounding like a dial on a radio station and then I heard low at first, a beautiful melody. It seemed to literally pour into my ears and travel into my body. That is the best way I can describe the feeling. Eventually it was loud and vibrated my entire being.

As if that wasn't magical enough, I noticed in my mind's eye, beings around me, placing their hands on me in a healing manner. I've never seen these type of beings before. After being consumed in glittery light, I was able to stand up and felt perfectly fine, as if I had not just felt shaky and feverish a minute ago. Wow!

Afterwards, I was able to go about my evening as normal. No sickness or head pain. I don’t know what happened or who they were…. but thanks! :) Once I gave in, it was a beautiful experience.

I keep having strange things happen, like waking up in completely different places and other things I can't explain. So I'll blog about them. Hopefully my weirdness can help someone else out. :) Perhaps knowing they aren't alone out there. :)

On another note, I have another expo coming up in May. May 17th and 18th. I'll be at the big one - the Universal Life Expo. :) This expo is happening twice for the first time this year, so that is cool. I'll be at both and couldn't be happier. :)