Thursday, June 19, 2014

My experience with Mary Magdalene.

In the spirit of sharing my experiences. I thought I'd share this loving experience I had last night.

I have had a lot of turmoil going on in my personal life the past couple of weeks. I have been doing my best to process it all and let it go but I couldn't seem to focus with my meditation today and I really needed to relax. So, I decided a bubble bath and some good music would be the perfect way to unwind.

As I lay there soaking in the bubbles, listening to my Phantom of the Opera playlist on my phone I closed my eyes finally feeling myself relax. I lay there replaying the musical in my head as I listened to the soundtrack. Keep in mind, I'm in the bathtub, so I have my phone over on the counter. I did not want it dropping in the tub...

Suddenly, I feel a presence near me and realize the energy signature is familiar and comforting. It was Archangel Michael. He was just checking in on me which I appreciated, with what I've been dealing with. So, I close my eyes and go back to listening to my musical. Shortly after that I feel another presence around me. I noticed it was feminine and it seemed to stay back off to the side. After a quick size up, I determined it was not negative. I simply said 'Hi' and then again tried to close my eyes and go back to relaxing and replaying the Phantom of the Opera musical in my head. All of a sudden my music stops and switches songs. Again, keep in mind I only had the Phantom of the Opera playlist selected to play and my phone was on the counter away from the tub. The song it switched to was 'Ave Maria'. This startled me but I love the song so I let it continue to play. As it played the energy I felt off to the side came over to me and surrounded me. The energy was so loving, so nurturing, so comforting. I had a passing thought of who is this and no sooner had I thought that the song 'Ave Maria' started over again. This surprised me again. I didn't have time to think though as this presence near me poured its overwhelmingly unconditional love into my heart center. At this moment, I recognized the energy, for I have felt it before. It was Mary Magdalene. I could see her nodding at my realization in my mind’s eye. She then reached out to my heart center and my heart opened very wide and her love flowed into me. Her love was so overwhelming I cried. She told me this was good and to give her my sorrows and pain, she would cleanse them away.... and so I did. I
cried...and cried.... and cried some more. As my sorrows and pain left she replaced it with her love and sent me a nurturing, calming energy. She sat with me for a few minutes longer and the song 'Ave Maria' started over again. After what seemed like quite some time, I felt her
presence fade and I decided it was time to get out of the bath. Once I did, I felt so light and free, and firmly grounded for the first time in a while. The song stopped playing and returned to the Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. I couldn't help but smile. Thank you
Mary!!! I needed that after everything these past few weeks...

I wanted to share this loving experience with you. It was so beautiful. I wish I could capture the feeling of love from her with words, but I can't even come close. I am grateful I got to feel it, I know it was a very special experience. Well, to me it was anyway. :) Though, I am curious as to why many things happen while I am either showering or taking a bath. Haha, perhaps because I am alone and super relaxed. One of those mysteries... :)

Hope you enjoyed this read and now I am off to run a few errands.... Light and love to everyone!

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