Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Creation through passion, love and synchronicity. Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael has been working with me, giving me this information to share with everyone. He wants to teach everyone how to use their creativity to manifest a loving reality.

Creation through passion, love and synchronicity.
Creating is essential to create life or death. You choose life or death through your passion of choice. If you choose to create negatively, you are ultimately choosing what you would call difficult times and stress, ultimately sickness. Choosing to create positively brings love, health, abundance and fulfillment.

Finding a way to be creative is to create something of value. Creating something of value, being of service to the spirit and of the collective will bring you into alignment with your full potential. What do I mean, ‘create something of value?’ I mean create with love and passion. Your passions are your key. For example, if you love energy work and offer it to others because you genuinely want to help, not solely for money, then you are creating positively, adding value to the collective and serving spirit. This creates a balance within your alignment and brings abundance and fulfillment faster. Another example, someone who loves music and is creating a service around music for the love of it, not for material gain. One last example, someone who is good with construction and offers a repair service, for the love and passion they have towards providing this service to others, not for material gain. I know, I am repeating a lot, it is only to let it sink in that the best way to attract abundance is through creation of passions and being of service. Focusing on starting anything with the intent to generate and bring in money for you exclusively is not positively aligned. You are choosing to create with greed and that is a negative emotion. Sure, ‘money’ can come to you in that way as well, it will come with burdens, it will come with stress, and it will become a burden and deplete your passion for life.

Creation is important for stirring passion within you and creating your desire in your reality. If you do not ignore your passions, watch the synchronicities surrounding this alignment, and create for the love of this passion, it will bring joy, happiness, compassion and fulfillment. Keep your focus on joy, happiness, compassion and fulfillment. I’d like to suggest that you choose to create and offer that creation to others because you love doing that ‘work’ and because you want to add value. Just by using that intent, it will bring you the abundance frequency and energy much faster than if your focus is on money.

If you focus on bringing in money... For example, creating a business model or offering services to others with the sole intent of gaining more ‘money’. ...“Money” now has such a low and negative vibration that you are bringing negativity into your life. You are asking for sickness! Placing your focus on creating ‘money’ invites stress, sickness and obstacles more rapidly to you. This has the potential to create an imbalance within your alignment and will ultimately deplete your passion. You are creating negatively with that intent.

By creating with passion and adding value, it brings your life value, which is fulfillment. Everyone is always asking how they could be successful or fulfilled. Why can’t success be measured in value? So the more value you give to humanity and the collective consciousness, the more value you will receive for yourself.  That is fulfillment and that is the true success and is what matters on the ‘other side’ aka ‘heaven, spirit world and/or etc’, whatever you’d like to call those dimensions. You cannot bring your ‘money’ with you once you leave this plane of existence. How much you have loved and how much you have shared that love and passion are all that is important for your soul. Learn to balance the spiritual and the material while you are here. People are rapidly awakening and realizing there is more out there than the daily routine for material survival. Needing to work all day is an illusion created by those who are learning the lessons of greed right now. In the end, greed will always come back to you with negative consequences, you cannot use greed as your focus and expect positive results. It won’t happen.

So you come to earth to learn and grow through life experience and also to give back to the collective. Today’s people are constantly being taught to be, as some would say, ‘worker bees’ to survive. This illusion has people focusing on just the material, becoming zombie like and hypnotized. It is creating an imbalance that we hope you as a collective will choose to correct. Focus on creating with your passions and love, this will fill you with light and help the collective of humanity see that it is okay to change belief systems that no longer serve.

Cash is an energy too, just like money. The word ‘money’ has become a negative based energy. The negative emotions of selfishness and greed that has been attached to that word for so long, have changed the energy of money. People feel angered, hopeless, powerless, depressed and sick over that word, that illusion. This has added to the negativity behind it. The word ‘cash’ has a more meaningful value and a creative energy. If you must talk of this substance, back the emotion with love and use the term ‘cash’. Your speech also has power over your reality. I’d like to also suggest being more mindful of how you speak about your material needs. Instead of saying you are having a financial crisis or problem, change your words and perception. Instead say and perceive that it is simply another experience, in reality that is all it is. Realize this and take back your power over the experience. Instead of saying ‘I am having a difficult financial situation’, say, ‘I am having a new experience’. Realize it is just an experience, another lesson, another opportunity for you to grow and create your reality. You are never helpless, you are never a victim unless you allow yourself to be. I know many don’t like to hear that, it doesn’t change that it is truth. You choose your reality. Do you choose to create love and fulfillment or victim hood and fear?

Ask first what is aligned with your current situation? Some forget that perhaps you’ve purposely made the choice to live a more simple life, therefore having large sums of cash may not be in alignment with your current lesson. Instead of asking to receive cash, ask how you can give more to add to humanity and to the collective? That will create balance and benefits everyone as a whole. Naturally, you will receive all the abundance you need when following that alignment.

You must finally come to understand the lesson of your current situation, only then you are ready for spirit to help and correct the physical and material aspect of it. Once the lesson has been understood, send your call for help loud and clear. Say, “Beloved teachers I am doing my best to assimilate my lesson and to change for the better. Please help me find just the right spot to unfold more of my talents and loving service to mankind.” Remember to always keep the faith and watch for synchronicity, it is our easiest way to communicate with you.

Please, put your ego and old belief patterns aside and choose to believe that you can create abundance and fulfillment through your passions and love, through being of service. You all deserve abundance. The old belief that you’ve been conditioned to believe, that you can only survive as a ‘worker bee’, I suggest you have the courage to let that go. Live a more fulfilled and abundant life creating with your passion and love and sharing it with the collective. This is my message, I have encoded it with a frequency to stir up your passions. I cannot create for you. I can assist you in finding your passion, I can give you that nudge and desire. It is up to you to take it and be the creative being that you are and manifest a more loving and abundant reality.

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