Thursday, April 2, 2015

Positive information about this shift.

This is a message I received when asking about this weekend. This was sent out in my newsletter. The message was positive so I decided I would add it to my blog because I haven't updated in awhile:

"Archangel Michael and Ashtar have communicated that the shift has been moving along beautifully. If you pay attention you can see the changes in peoples attitude and thought process. There is a common side effect which is fatigue. This tiredness is not caused by low energy levels, it is simply the collective adjusting to the reset and deletion of years of negative programming and the much higher frequency level of new DNA patterns.

They are reminding you to hold your focus on your own transformation. Please don't allow your vibrations to drop into a lower state of frustration when there seems to be chaos around. Remember that is a reflection of the past that is being transmuted and healed. Focus on you and the present.

The lunar eclipse on the 4th has many benefits. The collective and self transformation being the most popular features. This is when Michael and Ashtar stepped back and Archangel Gabriel came forward with a message.

Gabriel would like to suggest utilizing the recharging abilities of this eclipse to overcome the fatigue and boost your physical bodies ability to catch up to your new frequency and DNA. Gabriel is also suggesting that we allow the feminine light of the moon to clear toxins from the lymphatic and nervous systems. Last but not least, allow this lunar light to fill you and enhance your personal intuition, your trust in yourself and you guidance team.

You can do this at home however you feel is right for you. For those who wish to participate in a group, I've been nudged to offer a gathering opportunity.

The angels and Ashtar recommended Sharon Woods when I asked... however, this park closes early. So I found one sort of nearby Cindy E's that I've been to late and no one cares. :)

This will be late, at 9pm on April 4th and outdoors. So please bring your coats! It is a free event, though you may offer a donation if you feel guided. I will channel Archangel Gabriel and he will lead you through a visualization to charge yourself with the moon. I am being told it will more than likely only be 30 minutes for his visualization.

Please call or email me to RSVP, I will then give you the location.

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