Saturday, June 27, 2015

Archangel Michael 06-27-15

I channeled this message from Archangel Michael and was encouraged to share. – 06/27/15

How does it feel to hold more love? This is what is happening to all of you. The Solstice energy is still integrating and it’s not just this Universe that you are anchoring energies from.

For those that attended the attunement ceremony, you assisted with transforming this part of this universe to a multi-verse doorway of love.

You may still be feeling the effects. Your angel family is happy to watch you step into co creation and owning your “I AM” presence. These effects will be intensified into next week with a powerful full moon.

The transformation that took place on the solstice was to open a multi-verse doorway and to transform your physical state of being to a less dense, more loving vibration.

The multi-verse doorway is now open and you have all reached a level of love and openness in which you can now begin to co-create and integrate more dimensions of awareness. This boost of transformation of your physical vessels into love is allowing you to access higher levels of pure love atoms and more information, truth.

To us, you are lighting up this part of the universe and soon… there will be beautiful fireworks of light as you start to integrate the many levels of light now available to you.

Hold that image of how we see you when you are overwhelmed by negativity in your world. Please go within to the truth and love to see this all really is divine. You are divine. Transformation and balance is taking place, now.

The energy coming with this next full moon will be motivational, action inspiring. Inspiration to take the new higher frequencies and create your new world.

If you have any anger based emotions or thoughts, they will more than likely surface during this full moon. This is healing of anger from the past collective, transmuting the anger to love inspired action. Transmuting the anger into love based courage.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by anger find a moment to center yourself. The most powerful way you can assist this transformational process is to connect with your true self and creation energy. Connecting those two elements with your physical creates a trinity. This trinity allows divine energy to flow unobstructed through your multiple selves. Any negative emotions will then be released from all levels of the self and transmuted into pure love.

This giant release will then allow your physical vessel to integrate in larger quantities of the love particles from all dimensions of yourself. You will go into another moon cycle to allow your body to transform further away from dense to love/light.

You will go through this process for a couple of cycles, releasing more and bringing in more of the light spectrum and love. This is to raise your planets frequency and all organisms occupying it. As this is happening more multi-verse doorways will open and the interdimensional portals will be opened in earth to allow for more awareness of your interdimensional family.

So I am honored to assist you all in your transformation process. Just know you are not alone in this process, the entire universe is transmuting and you are a huge part of the process. We are grateful.

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