Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My experience with these waves.

I'm going to share an experience that happened the other day, because I have talked to a few others who experienced similar symptoms at the exact same time. No such thing as a coincidence! So perhaps this will help someone to understand what it feels like to go through this shift.
I feel it's important to state that the previous week around July 8th and 9th, I found out some pretty deep information about myself thanks to my guides, a friend and the timing being right for me to know.
Upon learning more about myself I immediately felt shifts and movement in my brain which eventually moved through my entire body. I kept getting this shifting feeling, literally feeling like something was moving in my head. I had noticeable pressure in my temples as well and they kept feeling stretched after awhile. Neurological, DNA, meridian and new chakra systems were opening up is what my guides told me. I felt like I had just been "turned on, powered up, activated".
Sunday, the 12th of July I was tired. My eyelids were so heavy, I practically slept all day and night easily. I only really was up to eat, let my dog out and say 'hey' to my boyfriend. I noticed I had my guides around and really observing me. I was too tired to engage and ask why.
Monday the 13th at 3am I woke up from a deep sleep to my guides getting my attention. I was surrounded. There seemed to be many different energies and beings crammed into my room. They said they were all here to watch the change. Ok....
Well not a second later I started to get hit with waves of energy. These waves surrounded me and permeated me. Each time they permeated, my body temperature would escalate. Each wave building in intensity. I got so hot from these waves and the energy it was all I could do to leave the room and get to a cooler space. Moving probably wasn't the best idea during that process as when I started to move, nausea kicked in. Then one wave hit me so hard I instantly soaked my clothes and hair in sweat. It was yea... gross. I looked like I had just come in from the rain. I was soooo hot from these waves and the burst were intense. It'd build outside, then permeate me and then release through my hands. I felt like I was on fire on the inside and my hands burned, literally felt like they were burning. It got to a point where it was too intense, (edited to spare tmi details haha) my ears were ringing so loud. I got super dizzy. I know probably too much info... but I'm doing my best to share the entire experience, lucky you. ;)
My guides were watching the entire time. They said, hold on just a bit longer to finish the process. I held on for what felt like an eternity but was probably only a minute and then I passed out. I don't even remember walking to the family room couch and laying down. I woke up at 6:57 am full of energy. I felt great the rest of the day. Perfectly fine.
Now today, Tuesday, I feel amazing! I woke up at 10am and I'm happy as can be. My vibrations feel off the charts amazing. After the past couple of weeks dealing with these bodily changes and material and emotional stuff surfacing to clear, I couldn't be happier.
Ashtar , Archangel Michael and an Arcturian healing team keep coming in to see my progress. Today they are ecstatic. However, I am learning that this was a 'mild' wave compared to what's coming. I've asked and not everyone has been effected as extreme. I guess I chose to seriously fast track this process. Haha... that sounds like me.
According to Ashtar and Michael these waves that are hitting us are very powerful and self intelligent. They have stated that the waves come and permeate all matter within and without earth and are directly from Source. If you notice electronics going crazy and emotions running high you can bet that you are absorbing the waves and you will feel the effects physically within the next couple of days. Michael said they've observed this pattern. They come in, they stir up emotions, stir up electronics, disrupts wifi and tv signals, then the physical symptoms happen.
They are ecstatic that the majority of people are choosing to accept and integrate the source energy. They said the amount of people awakening or at least becoming aware that there is a 'shift' happening within themselves and others is multiplying. They are multiplying more than they could have imagined. These waves are creating a domino effect and will continue as more come in.
How they effect you will be determined by your level of awareness of the process. Also where your mind and emotions are focused will impact the process, so happy thoughts. More important than happy thoughts though, is that you acknowledge the emotions and events that are surfacing. Even if they aren't 'happy' it's old triggers and programming that is really getting your attention to clear. Of course, your true divine self and life path will also determine what you may or may not experience.
Archangel Michael wants to remind everyone that you are exactly where you need to be for this process. If for some reason you aren't happy with where you are at, change it with your mind first. Once your mind is in a positive state, then you can choose positive based actions.
He says very sternly to LISTEN to our bodies. Sleep if you need to sleep. If that means taking four or five naps through out the day, then do it! Forcing yourself to 'go go go' when your body needs time to transmute and integrate all of these changes, is self defeating and will only prolong the process. If you find you can't handle heavy food then listen and eat light. If you keep having the thought to meditate, listen and do so! Some people are being inspired to move, so if you have a desire for stretching, walking and yoga go get on it and follow that hunch. :) Your body is telling you exactly what you need to assist this shift, listen or don't, the choice is, of course, always yours. :) What do you want to experience?
Michaels suggestion? "Set your intention that these waves come with infinite possibilities for your personal evolution. Set the intent that you will listen and respond to your bodies needs accordingly. Trust that everything is developing just as it should and let go of the steering wheel during these next few months. Allow yourself the gift of faith and patience, let these steer you. This is when you begin to hear your body, this is when you see the magic. Expect magic and open your eyes to what it really looks like. This is all you need to stay in the flow and delete that old programming."
Flow on. Expect miracles. In love and gratitude! I hope my experience can shed some light on what you may be experiencing as well.

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