Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It's amazing the power of your thoughts. It's being shown to me over and over, how a simple small switch in thought can have a huge ripple effect on how your day plays out.
I've been receiving more and more proof that the universe provides for me and will literally move mountains for myself and whomever else has enough faith and trust. It's an ongoing process, an ongoing test of your trust in these universal energies and yourself.
According to the universe we are all worth it. We are all divine and perfectly imperfect expressions of energy. :) I'm so grateful to be aware of these messages and am grateful the universe is sending them!
I've been feeling a bit off today, I've had to really focus on grounding. I felt the energy waves hit me again and wow! I keep wondering what's up with my health and about that time my guidance team chimes in with "All is well, you are being prepared for your change on the physical level."
That being said, I've been given information channeled from a blue Aviaris race that I am working on typing up.
The energies this week are pretty intense. Mix those energies with Venus in retrograde, a meteor shower and a blue moon in one week. There is a lot happening on so many levels. It's interesting to see the blending and transformation of the many realities we live in. It's hard to put in words. What I saw in meditation today was a blending of realities into something completely new. Everything else that did not 'fit' was being morphed into light and dissolving into what looks like nothingness. Yet that doesn't do justice as a description.
They left me with this feeling of momentum. Some frequency is building and will be released soon. What we focus on these next few days will be our future. So stay positive and meditate, go within to remove dense energies and only engage in actions that you want in your future. :) Those being challenged, recognize it is a gift to cleanse deeply ingrained patterns that no longer serve. This is all preparation for an activation of the key holders and bridges.

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