Thursday, July 30, 2015

To feel your body change.

It’s quite interesting to feel my body changing. New sensations. Energy is now felt in places I don’t usually feel energy flow. There has been sensitivity to products and foods that I never usually have reactions with.

Crazy pressure in my tailbone and up my spine. Some days the pressure comes up higher than others. I keep feeling waves of energy permeate my body and release rather forcibly through my hands, throat, head and feet.

Oh and my vision! It goes from blurry to crystal clear, like lens adjusting. It gets so clear at times I swear I see particles in the air everywhere around. It’s pretty wild.

I’ve been receiving energy bodywork once a week with a friend and I believe that is the saving grace that is helping me integrate this change on all levels. The energy body work combined with me doing frequency infusions on myself I think are assisting with my emotions. Without me grounding and infusing myself I get really emotional, over everything. It’s really made me feel to my core. Interesting thing is I can feel the emotions in different areas of my body. I do a hole release thing mentally when this happens. It helps me to not burst into tears over everything. Hahaha!

I just wish this didn’t cause nauseated side effects and light sensitivity. Even with those it’s been an interesting ride.

Today I keep hearing an interesting pulsing sound that seems to follow me and shortly after I hear it I get tingly and my body feels like it’s pulsating to match. That’s when I start to get really spacey and feel “gone”. This is kind of how I felt all day.

I have readings though so grounding back to Earth. I am listening to my guides and taking everything slow and not rushing around. Michael says “no anxiety! Happy thoughts only. Easing into your daily activities on your own terms, when you feel ready, not because you are rushed.” Soooo… I’m doing that.

Lots and lots of green tea. I suddenly can’t seem to get enough of it and water. You know when you have those moments where you are so thirsty and water is the most amazing thing you can give your body. You gulp, gulp, gulp cuz you can’t get enough? Well I have that often, daily. Every couple of hours. Lol.

I’ve also been seeing sparkles and particles everywhere. Did I mention that already? Well if I did oops! I find it neat to see. It certainly adds a magical look.

Anyway, off to find something grounding to do before my next appointment.

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