Thursday, August 13, 2015

Feels like sliding into new skin...

Well these past few days have been an exciting few. I've definitely felt and seen how I live in multiple realities at once. I'm feeling so much more expansive. I am increasingly aware of what I am doing inter-dimensionally.... even as I sit and let myself relax and clear my mind while watching a TV show. I was watching the Fosters the other day and while watching it, receiving updates on the Federations Activities and what another aspect of myself was doing with a team. Pretty neat.

I know a couple members of my family have commented about the intense energy and have reported weird sensations. We even have a lot of activity in our house. Not that this house doesn't have it's fair share of activity with all of us living here, it's just been increased in physical tangible activity... if that makes sense. For example, members are having doors shut in their face walking into a room or hearing screaming for help when everyone else is gone except them... Thankfully the entire place was cleansed and there is still activity, however, now nothing horror movie like. ;)

I've noticed a few others in my friends feed mention an increase in spirit activity in their home. They were wondering if it was because of the waves coming. I say no.... It's just getting close to when the veil thins in about two months. That is my hunch. ;)

So lets talk about some crazy experiences with different sensations. Every since Monday the 3rd of August, when I was to install a new blue ray template to our bodies for a group and really since I've channeled Diana, I've been having too many interesting sensations and experiences happen to keep up blogging about. The blue ray installation event was intense and the follow up exercises always produced very intense sensations and have made me 'feel' more than I thought I already did. Still realizing that there is always more to 'feel'.

So it seems this beautiful lady visits me in my dreamtime state. She's visited four times now. Each time I wake up feeling absolutely amazing, like I'm so happy I could cry. She's all white and always gives me a kiss and pours this beautiful glitter/confetti like energy from her mouth into mine. I finally was able to go lucid into a dream and talk with her this last time. I thanked her, hugged her and asked her why? She said because she loves me and wishes to assist and this is her way. At that point my alarm woke me up abruptly.

What else? Oh! You know that state where you are about to fall asleep or are slowly waking up, the in-between sleep but still aware of your surroundings state? Well it's in this state that I keep getting flashes of myself elsewhere. It looks like when we drove to Pennsylvania a couple years ago and had to drive in the tunnels into the mountains. It looks identical to that... only this one is not available to the public. It's been the same place for days and the same sequence.

Its like I am being shown three different views of it. In one view it is just myself viewing this place, like how you'd watch a tour of something on TV. I don't see myself or anyone. It's just a roll of different pictures outside the tunnel and just in the beginning until it gets so dark I can't see the images. In this view, there are never any people, yet someone seems to have left a mysterious military package right in the middle of the entry way. I feel a sense of 'I dare you to touch it'. I can't though, at this time it is just pictures.

Then the scene gets brighter and it's like as the picture starts to come to life I am drawn to it like gravity, as though there is no choice. Here the scene becomes filled with so many interesting colors of light it's distracting. Once I get orientated I am with a beautiful blonde man calling himself my brother. There are four other men besides us two and another woman. So 7 of us total. There are people around but they don't seem to notice us. I always find this funny when observing this part because we are so luminous how could anyone not notice bright glittery people! We are in these really cool, sci fi looking outfits. Anyway, at this point we huddle up and talk and the discussion becomes distorted. The only thing I make out is the word 'November'. Then we start to work on lighting up the ley lines and repairing 'Earth'  underneath this tunnel complex.

Then while that reality is going on and we continue to repair earth, it splits to a simultaneous reality and the luminous me, again while repairing ley lines, is watching me in  a not so luminous body... Still following me? Haha.

In this version I am known by another name. They aren't calling me 'Savannah' it is very clearly something else, however it seems so distorted that it's hard to make it out. I keep looking at a calendar with the date of November 2015. I then always look in the mirror and check to make sure I look 'human'...  that is my thought pattern. 'Blend in'. Goes across my mind as a very important man in military clothing starts to walk my way. As he approaches, the 'human like' me asses his energy and though patterns. He is unaware I am doing this. I see that he is going to be telling me quite the story just to get me to agree to go into the tunnel. I know what he and whom he is working for has horrible plans. However I can see the bigger picture that these plans will start a much needed chain reaction to allow for our greatest change. So I know at this point I am going to agree to fulfill a role... not because I want to.

Then as the man approaches me I can see the tunnel reflected in his glasses. It grows larger and the darkness surrounds me. At that moment the experience ends. All of this in just a few minutes. It probably took me longer to type this experience than it does to have this in-between dream thing. Not sure what to make of that....

Anyway moving on from the dream, lets talk Lions Gate 8-8-8. I did my meditations earlier that day because I worked at the Moonlight Market that night. That was an interesting day energy wise. I can't even describe it. It felt like when you pause right before you go down the long hill of a rollercoaster. That type of anticipation. :)

So the next day, Sunday.... holy cow! I was out of it. I was in a zoned out type of feeling all day and had a lot of random body discomforts. Random sharp pains in places I usually don't bring my awareness to. Haha. That Sunday I focused on doing a lot of clearing. Clearing and protection keeps popping up for me and I felt really driven to focus on that and did. That night sleeping was not happening. I went to lay down and even though I was sooooo tired, all I did was toss and turn for awhile.

There were sooo much sensations and energy moving, I don't think anyone could sleep through what I was feeling. I felt like my skin was full being shocked everywhere. Not painful.. just odd. Like the shock you get when you have too much static electricity...just all over my body. After awhile that sensation gave way to one that felt like my entire body was covered in those round things that cause your muscles to contract with a current, like at the chiropractor. It felt like that for a good hour. Finally that calms down and it felt like something really tight was slid over me, like new skin and then it became really warm as it turned into a gel like sensation that eventually soaked in like lotion. There was more that went on. Those are the major sensations that lasted. Each process was a minimum of 30 minutes. I only know because I kept looking at my clock thinking, I have an early morning appointment, I want sleep!

Well I finally fell asleep, not sure when. When I woke up around 7am though I was out of it and by 7:45am had one heck of a migraine. I was seeing blurry and everything was in double.

I feel I've been in recovery mode since that night. Following that night I've been so insanely tired. I feel like I've just been checked out of this place. It's Thursday now and I feel like I am just now myself again. Which is good... just in time for my class this weekend. :)

I haven't had any deep conversation asking my guides what this all means. I don't really feel a need to ask why or what. I feel just allowing is enough right now. I feel like it is perfectly alright for me to notice and observe these changes and sensations knowing that the why or what will come in time. I just hope my experiences have helped others out there to know that they aren't crazy and that they aren't dying. :)

To those who have emailed me about their experiences. I'm loving it! I am slowly responding to them all. <3 <3 <3 I love how each of our experiences seem to be a little piece of the bigger puzzle. I like the bigger picture that I am seeing so far!

Well beautiful souls, it is almost 2pm. I am going to go take my lovely boxer puppy for a walk. Do something... right brained for a bit. Haha!

I hope you are able to venture out and enjoy this lovely weather!

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