Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Choose life. Archangel Michael 10/27/2015

Today is an important day, marks the first of a trinity, yet the end of a cycle. You have moved into the brightest part of this multiverse. Moved into a higher spiral.

Celebrate this. Enjoy the increased light that is now available to all. Your system is now breaking into new territory. Yet because of the perfection of the universal order, it isn't new, it has graced this 'space' before. It is just new for this cycle. For you it is new. It is YOUR cycle that hasn't experienced this light  in this incarnated plane. This isn't the end. Your universe continues on. You have left a previous spiral cycle and are now on a new link.

We are watching you, watching as you absorb and adjust to this new light, this new information available. Many of you are aware of the significance of spirals. Think of a picture in your imagination, if you will, of your universe moving fast. It is not stationary. You are moving in spirals. Your universe is doing the same. So it is returning once more to a part of the multiverse however, it is on a much higher plane. Same space, just moving faster as all the matter of your universe expands their boundaries and vibrate faster. Same space, just that much more in sync vibrating with the light.

Your universe is constantly moving through the same territory, however it is new because with each circle, it spirals higher. With each link, your universe, the live record you are a part of, gathers more information (light).

I'm giving all who read this a very specific visual. Your universe is forever growing, expanding, changing and moving. Your universe is on a path to the source light. This simply means it is on a path to knowledge, to life.

Know that simply by existing you are a part of this record, this journey. You all are a part of the ride. Each soul adding to this library by simply existing and allowing your light expression to sing in this dimension and all dimensions your soul light decides to incarnate.

So to each person asking, 'what is my mission, why did I come?! am I on the correct path?! The answer is yes. By simply existing you are doing right by your 'path'. By simply existing you are fulfilling your 'mission'. Sure you have each added extra desires. Though if you don't complete them, you will be okay. Your time is an illusion. Your existence is less than a second. Live it and enjoy the illusion effects to learn while you can.

If you choose to live a multidimensional experience or stay firmly planted in your 3rd dimensional program, it is okay, you are still aligned and will not be left behind. If you ask us for guidance, of course we encourage a more balanced existence, aknowledging that you are a multidimensional being incarnated in a 3 dimensional plane. Just because the physical is 3 dimensional doesn't mean you should limit yourself to the 3 dimensional experience. You are allowed the choice though, to experience simply being part of the '3d programming'. Either is a correct path, as long as you choose to live while you are here.

If you want direction, my suggestion is to not live your life confined by fear based decisions. Be strong and confident and LIVE. To live, is to love. Living is growing. Living is adding to this universal record. We sing when you choose to expand and grow, to be filled with information is to be filled with light. We sing more though, when you achieve the greatest lesson of all and that is to just live. Live, love, let go, be filled with new light, new life. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is growing. This is all that is needed to move towards the light.

See yourself moving with your universe, it reaches higher and higher into light, higher into life.
This is my message for you all, to have the courage to live your life. This is what makes you a warrior. Leaving this plane is easy. Living is the lesson. Living is the experience. Life is the knowledge.

I am Archangel Michael and I am always here for you in light and in love, to give you that strength needed to choose life.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Channeled message from Archangel Michael. To become your truth.

Truth just is. Truth is light. To search for truth is to explore the realms of light. Each very different expressions of the divine light from the source, our galactic heart center.
To understand and fully comprehend the truth you must learn to read, see, hear and feel the language of light. Light is the constant in the multiverse. Even the ‘void’ is a light expression. The void absorbs light and stores it within, not reflecting any out.
Truth will be different for everyone. Let me repeat that. No persons truth will be the same. It is easy to get caught up in the safety of a like mind. Ideas can be similar, emotions similar. However your truth, or soul expression is individual. Therefore each group may view the same light, the same dimension and come back with varying information and experiences.
Truth is light. Light is made of millions of hues and shades of color. Thirty people may be exploring the effects or information of the red dimension. There are many hues of red that someone can tap into. Red being the base, each varying hue a different piece of information to make up the base. Those thirty people are not going to tap into the same hue. It is impossible. You can use symbols and titles to connect with the same hue. However, regardless of intent you will connect with the base and then read the hue that is aligned with your specific soul expression.
Realize that truth is a personal journey. Share your journey if you’d like as others may benefit. However your truth will never be the same as another.
Each soul comes to your dimension to play as light expressions in a material form. You all came from the same place. Until you return, you are on a journey in all your lifetimes to learn exactly what your soul resonance means. The idea of this earthly dimension is to celebrate the individual ray, the unique expression. Free will after all is simply the ability to indulge in all light experiences.
An aspect of co-creation on the physical level is co-creation between individual expressions. I encourage you to change your thought and see that embracing the individuality of another’s expression is more beneficial for yourself and the other. Working together, allowing each person to contribute their individual expression allows for truth to show in all situations.
Those on the journey for truth must realize that it is within and that only by encouraging everyone to share their authentic expression will the bigger picture be seen for all.
I am Archangel Michael and I share this message as a reminder to everyone that all facets of light are beautiful. You will eventually return to the source light, don’t be so distracted to return that you forget why you came. You came to remember your unique expression while experiencing the resonance of all truths in play.
Celebrate your unique facet and others on your journey to remember your truth.
I am infusing this message with the entire light spectrum so that those who read these words will be drawn to their individual facet of light and choose to embrace it and express it. I am encoding this message with layers, each word and each sentence unlocking your truth stored deep within your vibration.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Can't deny the sensitivity!

I am not sure what everyone else has experienced so far. Hopefully you've been able to navigate gracefully through everyday life and the transformation that seems to be taking place.

The past couple of days have been awesome. Time REALLY seems to be slowing down for me. I am okay with this, because it has allowed me to SEE more of my own actions and others around me.

In my channelings for groups and a few readings there seem to be certain themes that the guides wish us all to pay attention to.

I'm noticing the patterns message.

It is painstakingly obvious the patterns we choose. My own patterns are right in my face and instead of excusing or avoiding or floating along, I've been doing little things to create change and interrupt those patterns. Apparently we as people love our patterns, even if they aren't the best for us… because they are familiar, safe.

Once this message came through for another, I was like I can relate to that too and then dismissed it. I can't anymore, as it is so obvious! I felt overwhelmed, wanting to break these patterns, all of them at once. It was not until Mary Magdalene and Ashtar came through at EE a few weeks ago, that I saw how to gently create the change. So thanks to those two beautiful souls for the visual.

Ashtar gave a really amazing meditation with what he called monoatomic particles(?) I think that is how he pronounced it. Mary called them something else, she called them photon particles. Working with the meditation on my own with him, I just call it the Gold to White Gold particles. :) I've done this meditation in the dark and I've done this in the sun outside. Both two different outcomes. Both make me feel like I can accomplish anything. :)

My dreams, just wow. They keep growing vividness. My dreams are in more detail now than I think our blue rays give. I know my guides are giving me many messages in my dreams. So many. I only wish I remember full detail. It's dreams upon dreams. So many. Like changing the channel all night long. I remember one, like a movie on how the universe works with Ashtar. Others on how the human body and its energy systems work. Archangel Michael was explaining light codes to me in a way that was way over my head. I remember that dream. It was beautiful. I kept saying, 'you are magical' and he would brush it aside saying no, I just know how to work with light. Those dreams leave me waking up feeling inspired and creative.

I know one dream that keeps recurring is like being ran through simulations over and over. Not going into detail but it's as though they and myself are looking for a certain reaction for change. Those dreams leave me feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. However after asking my guides and looking at the cards with a friend, I'm good. These dreams are them utilizing connections to teach me, among other things. There is more to it… Some things are better left private. :)

Color is a hot topic that keeps popping up. Everything from colored rays, lights and frequencies. It's so in my face to deliver messages about color that I have decided to expand myself by learning about color therapy. I have this lovely system of colored lights that I've been using daily.

I've moved onto combining those colored lights with frequency and energy. I've practiced distance stuff  and the feedback has been great. In person is awesome. Everyone has immediate noticeable feelings with this stuff. I am in love. I've been doing light color and frequency facials, toxin flushes, fat flushes, reflexology, bodywork on myself, others and my dog. Its a beautiful combo that I am going to offer to the public as a compliment to the frequency infusions.

Oh the coolest thing. Sometimes not so cool. I don't want to change it though. I've noticed walking through spaces, I can feel the different energy changes. I could before. However, it was only when I was paying attention to it. Now, I can be doing whatever and if I go from a dirty room to a clean room, I notice the energy change. (so yes, I've been really changing my cleaning habits at home.) I notice energies around altars. Altars seem alive to me anymore.

I've gotten more sensitive to other beings energies. I usually seem to notice a specific kind of energies around me, however those are broadening and expanding. It's not just my celestial/extraterrestrial friends and angels anymore! I believe I am learning about my ancestors as I did a class making ancestor candles and the instructor spoke briefly on them. Well every since then I've had all kinds of beings come up and introduce themselves to me. Sometimes while I'm awake and others while I am sleeping. One dream this beautiful woman made it a point to say 'hi' and she focused really hard on the detail of her face and especially eyes so I'd not forget her. I'm also realizing that some of my past relatives are around me… WAY more than I ever thought. The fae have been more present. I've always known of them, now they feel like they are getting comfortable around me, or perhaps it is myself getting used to them? Both! Haha. Some beings I'm noticing… if you want to call them 'beings' are more like conscious thought forms. Those are interesting to come across. I love them all… however I think I still favor the Galactic and Angelic energies above all else.

People, now that is different. Picking up on the energy of people. I no longer like being in busy places. I feel sick after awhile because of all the different energies. That is if I don't take the time to protect myself and reinforce my field. I've fallen in love with Eden Energy Medicine as well and love the 'Zip Up' technique. Admittedly, I have been craving my alone time. I feel like I have to do so much work to cleanse lately. Not because I am being 'attacked', but because I apparently pull in lots of peoples non beneficial ick so they don't have to carry it anymore. That just means I have to work extra hard to release! It's alright, it is a good practice to get into. Anyway, days where I feel amazing I can keep myself pretty shielded and be that light beacon. On those days, others moods don't effect me and then I can give them love and light if they aren't having the best of day. Then there are days where I just can't wait to get out of the grocery store because no matter how much I raise my frequency or protect my energy, everyone is in a collective funk and it feels icky. It feels like walking through spiderwebs that aren't there. Sometimes it is suffocating and even stinks.

Speaking of stinks! Smells! Oh my goodness! I'm not sure if it's the channeling, or any transformation, or the lights… I dunno… but smells have increased. This is hard for me to explain and is a new one for me. Well perhaps new is not entirely correct, Id say it was the weakest of the 'clairs' and now it is strengthening. It comes and goes. Some days nothing. Other days it's overwhelming. I'll be around a person and I'll smell urine or a hospital type of smell, sometimes I'll smell this when people aren't even around. Then I have to sniff myself a few times to make sure it isn't me! Hehe! ;) Other times I'll smell the angels now before I see them or feel them. Like right now, I'm at Enchanted Elements and I smell a lovely lavender perfume smell, followed with a really warm fuzzy feeling. Yea it's hard to describe… it's smells that aren't normally there. Sometimes they are nice, other times they are putrid. It's interesting because it's not like I smell someones body odor or incense more… just smells that have no logical explanation as to why I am smelling them. Those are the ones that are stronger. They seem to wrap me up in the smell until I acknowledge them. Then it fades.

Thoughts! I have been having crazy experiences with thoughts! A friend needed help and was in pain, literally asking God for assistance and as she was asking, I felt compelled to send her a text to ask if she was okay because I kept seeing her face with a panic or distressed type of emotion. I was able to assist and make her at least comfortable. The day after she said she felt great! So yay! Happy to help and for that confidence boost!

This isn't the first time that has happened recently. I had a random moment where I was feeling down about myself and I couldn't understand why. I had just come from an amazing event and was still buzzing from it's beautiful energy. Then the face of a person I know pops into my head. I started feeling drained. Insecure. I realized immediately I was letting someone else's thoughts effect me. So I stopped. I sent them love and of course made sure to detach cords and anything non beneficial that I may have absorbed. I released the non beneficial into the light to either be transmuted or sent back to its domain. I didn't allow it to stay. Doing that immediately raised my energy level and had me back to loving me instead of the insecure feeling. I'm sure that person wasn't even aware they were doing that! Somehow doing that made said person feel better and actually addressed their concerns with me. I mentioned what had happened and they said, "OMG I was literally just thinking about how I was going to tell you my thoughts!"

Another experience. I was talking to this person who is close to me and they were really angry over something. I didn't quite agree with their reaction, I felt it was harsh. I understood their reaction, I just felt it could have been handled or delivered differently. However, one of my guides stopped my line of thinking and said, "Don't take it personally, it's not anything to do with you. Meet this persons anger with compassion. They would benefit from compassion, not your opinions (which are just  my judgements) of how this person should have behaved different."This isn't anything new. I've heard statements similar. Especially reading inspirational messages. Only this time, I stopped. I never said my 'judgements'. I stayed silent and let them get it all out. I was listening. After they said their piece, I just sent my love and gratitude for that learning lesson. I then felt it. It was effortless. I didn't intend it. I didn't visualize it. I just felt that compassionate feeling, I recognized it and once I felt it, it became tangible. I directed that wave of compassion to them, as I saw clear as day how they were suffering.

It was that experience which has helped me to 'see' emotion. Does that make sense?  Like I was watching a TV show once. The ending was bittersweet. Sad because the lady was dying. Happy because her two loves were there with her to be with her in the end. (TV shows and movies btw have gotten me all emotional lately. Haha. I watch my chick flicks while the boyfriend is out, knowing I'm apparently gonna be a freakin sob fest anymore.) Anyway, so sad but happy. So there it was that feeling of wanting to cry. Instead of holding it back, I allowed it. I observed where I was feeling it in my body. My chest and my lower stomach. Interesting. I realized it was a lot like an experience I had seeing a certain persons flame at my last channeling. It was love. Once I realized that is what I was feeling and where, I SAW it. This beautiful flower like pattern in a wave, with all the colors you could imagine as the wave rose up and void of color when it moved down. I played with it and asked my guides their suggestion on what to do. "That is a whole lot of love, why not use it to fuel a task or something you'd like to create or healing or send it to someone you want to give your love to". Well no one else was around and at that moment my beautiful dog popped her head up. I took that as a sign and asked her. She got all excited, so I sent it to her. I sent it through the eyes and underneath her arms? Or doggy legs. Not sure what you wanna call them. :) That is where it wanted to go. After that she was so lovey to me. She got up and curled on my lap and just kept giving me kisses. :)

Music! Oh my gosh. I've had to change my listening habits. I still love my dance music, and will listen to metal if I'm in a mood… However, I can't do that on the regular! Something about it makes me feel an uncomfortable feeling, like when my teeth grind. A weird scratchy grindy feeling in my teeth and behind my left eye. It is so hard to describe. It's very disorienting. My guides strongly suggested classical one day and said because a few of the composers were channels and wrote to de-program the mind. They said classical also activates the brain so it isn't in a 'zombie' state. Some classical pieces from Bach or Brahms can even correct how the signals in your brain fire and of course inspires passion and creativity. Then my sister also told me about Bach, from a book called the Pleiadian Agenda. Apparently they address something similar. So I've been listening to a lot of classical music and when I'm not in the mood for that, meditation music. 

A lot of these experiences aren't earth shattering and it's stuff I've already been made aware of in my life. However, everything is becoming more 'real'. Like I can't deny that I have to have a peaceful environment anymore because chaos really effects me. I can't just notice energies and then brush them off anymore. The psychic and spiritual senses, that in my teens I used to be 'hush hush' about are stronger than ever. I couldn't be 'hush hush' about them if I tried. :) It's okay, I don't hide it from people anymore. This is me and all my weirdness. If you like it cool, lets talk. If not, no worries! I'm not the type to push it on you. :)

My world is opening up to what I'd like to say is more 'magic' and it's more real than ever. :) So it is my goal to help spread this awareness and give hope. I'm human and have my not so happy moments and am realizing that without this other side to reality, I would have really sank a long time ago. Who can live without this side? People do everyday, I know. I just can't any longer! :)

Anyway, back to working on my color therapy presentation and editing my website. I feel like it needs cleaned up and new stuff of course can be added! :)