Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A message from the Seven Sisters of Pleiades.

I am hanging out at Enchanted Elements today. Bagging up some herbs. Watching the shop. It's been quiet here. I figure, I'll take advantage and post a blog entry…

I don't have any experiences I want to share publicly right now, so I thought I'd open up to channel and see who comes through. 

The Pleiadians, the Seven Sisters have a message to share:

"Deeper. To go deeper you must risk exploring the mind. Those who always ask guides and angels, "what is my next step? I feel stalled. I want to go deeper into my spiritual practice, I just don't know how."

Your mind. Start there. It is good practice from our point of view to explore ones own mind. This is equivalent to exploring your own universe. It is your doorway to the infinite self. It will help you to become the observer and allow you to see what makes you, 'you'.

See yourself as a tiny spark of electricity traveling through the connections of your brain. Travel through and just observe. Are there any connections that are darker, broken, or perhaps reversed? Allow them to show you why they are as they are. As you travel down, some may take you on a journey through a memory. It's okay allow it.

If other thoughts 'pop up' as you travel down into your mind such as a recent party or disagreement, don't ignore them, write them down or stop and pay attention. There is usually a reason you are having those thoughts and for them to 'pop up' during this time is not a 'distraction' it is a key asking you to explore it more.

Eventually doing this over time, you'll begin to re-pattern your brain. We repeat, this will take time and dedication. This will allow you to clear a lot of your own trauma and dis-ease. This will help you to find your light in any areas that may seem dark. This is your way to change how you 'tick' or more appropriate, it will help you to change what you 'choose'.

If you are one who is prone to anxiety, exploring these connections will allow for the repair, allow you to see the lesson, the pattern and even the 'how' to change it, if you CHOOSE to allow a different experience into your life.

Exploring your mind is just a start to your freedom. It is how you get to know your past, present and future. It is your key to erasing programs that are no longer beneficial. It is the gateway to exploring your other energy centers and healing yourself.

In turn, this will also help with the 'outside' projection. Your awareness will be heightened in your daily life. How? Everything outside is a projection from the inside. Your scientists know this, yet it isn't widely advertised... Once you fully grasp that statement, you are in control and see past the illusion.

As you begin to explore your inner universe, your outer universe will shift and adapt to your new view, your new calibration. Each trip into your mind will release and recalibrate your reality, what you attract to you. What you see, hear and feel…it will all change. Are you ready for this change? Do you want to see through the illusion? We hope that you do. Once you grasp that you are in control of the projection of your personal universe, there is no reason for pain, dis-ease, drama… Unless you still choose that experience.

After some dedication, exploring the connections in your mind will allow for brainwave entrainment. It will be easy to achieve a meditative or trance state, simply by tapping into those connections. You can find the connections for your many different trance states and play with activating them at different intensities. Try them at home, in nature or at a coffee shop to see just how easy it is to drop into a more aware state once you've discovered the connections.

Each time you recalibrate your 'inner universe' you are changing your DNA. How? As you travel down the connections and explore your mental mapping, you are bringing more light to areas that may have been forgotten or dormant. This lights them up. The more strands you bring light to, the more it starts to be of use to your current projected universe.

Why would you want to change your DNA? To grow. To bring to this incarnation your full experience. DNA repair can heal fragmented souls. DNA repair can possibly do anything from healing your common food allergies to increasing your hearing. Memories are stored in your DNA. You can explore your past for wisdom, your present and the future and bring that which is beneficial into this incarnation. Illness and memories are simply programs that you've accepted. You CAN change the programs. Of course, this is all up to you. We are not promising these results. We are only speaking of what is possible to achieve should YOU CHOOSE. You can be as awake and aware as you choose. It is up to you. It is a journey. One simple trip will provide instant change to you and your inner and outer world. The change may be subtle or not obvious right away, however, we will promise that there will be a change. Each persons level of awareness will determine what is ready to be reflected within and without after calibration.

It is our hope that this message will encourage you to explore your mind to get to know YOUR truth. Your truth is more important than what others may state as truth. Refer to the Angels previous message through this one on how truth is not black and white.Truth will be a personal experience and diving into your inner universe/mind is an important step to take when one wants to go deeper along their spiritual path."

I had to tend to the shop so the channel was cut short, or so I thought. They said it was ended at the appropriate spot. They want to help empower us and the love from the Pleiadians is always a joy to experience. I love love love when they come through. :)

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