Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome 2016 the year of the 9 and the year of the Hermit.


Just wow!

The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 haven't exactly been the easiest energy wise! Well, speaking from my experience. :)

I have a lot of change happening in my life right now and on top of the personal change, I'm also being made aware that I'm integrating a universal system and energy expansion within myself. Whew!

Sometimes I'm not sure I can handle it, other days I feel like this shift is awesome.

I feel like I'm being refreshed some days. Other days the energies are so heavy and so much is being done, I can barely function! At that point all I want is my bed! My guidance team has confirmed that I've had a lot of 'psychic surgery' done.

This new energy I'm integrating and all the personal changes happening have me feeling pulled into a new direction. I'm just not sure what that direction is yet. It is a strong pull and it is admittedly unsettling that I don't know where this pull is leading to. I am doing my best to trust the process and listen to myself and my guides more than others opinions. :)

I have a strong desire to FEEL and be FREE lately. Anything that doesn't align with that is a struggle. The freedom I'm talking about is more of a different way of doing things. I have this feeling that there is something I am supposed to do that is 'new' and won't be the easiest because it is unheard of. What that is, I don't know. My guidance team is big on the divine timing right now. They say more will be revealed when the timing is aligned and I am able.

I know there is a lot going on outside of Earth right now. Whatever it is, it's big. The councils have shown me this in my dreams, though by the time I fully wake, all I have is the memory that I just witnessed a pivotal moment.

Speaking of dreams, my dreams have been in layers lately. Often. It's like a newsreel of the events happening within the many 'realities' you can play in. Not just that, but how they overlap and each affects the other. At first I thought they were trying to show me how my actions impact others. After asking some guidance they said it was bigger than that. It was how everyone and everything is linked. Not that this is any 'new' news. I know this. They were just showing it in action and showing that we've all shifted up so high that to say '3D' is now technically inaccurate and in this new vibration everything influences the other much more rapidly. Btw, for those of you still waiting for the 5D frequencies, they've came, they've integrated and we have already far surpassed. :) Most people are vibrating at the 6th and 7th frequencies now.

That is one thing the Angels have told me. With where we are vibrating our 'human' experience is not so 'human' anymore. We've changed more than we realize and are continuing to transform into something new. :) Humanity isn't leaving us, it is however changing.

Oh! Communication. That is the focus of the moment and so funny that it is the focus when a retrograde is happening! Irony. I have to chuckle, almost like the universe is poking fun at us. ;)

Quite a few that I have done readings for over the previous weekend had various messages that were about communication. Apparently this is one of the Angels main focus right now. They are showering us with frequencies, energies and light that will HEAL our communication centers. Many need completely re-connected they are so detached from real communication.

It is not just about healing and communicating truthfully though, there is something else behind it too. Many seem to be changing or upgrading their voice and speech??? Something about unlocking the potential of command, healing and manifesting with the sound octaves. The message is more about the responsibility of speech than the obvious speak your truth.

So anyway, I just wanted to post an update because a few have asked what I've been noticing lately. I also have a few who have noticed that my website is down. That is correct. I am rebuilding. It will be back up. This does not mean I am not open for business. I am still available to do private sessions and events. :) Until my website is back up though, I have updated and added the information pages to my blog. So I guess you could say my blog is now also acting as my temporary website. Just incase you want a refresher, my blog address is

I'm also moving soon and am playing with the idea of moving into a space large enough to do events and appointments out of my personal home. We shall see. Like I said, a lot of changes happening. :) A lot of positive changes. :)

I also have had a few text me asking in different ways, what I do when the energies get intense and I feel as though I am being weighed down under the onslaught of integration. My answer to all of you... take it easy. It is ok. This is where you just have to do your best to do 'you' and honor what you feel your body needs. For me, my saving grace has been alone time. Lots and lots of alone time. I've also been taking care to cleanse often energetically and physically to assist the release process along as fast as possible. If you need to cry then let those tears flow. If you need to spend a day doing yoga, then do it! If you feel you need to be out amongst others for a distraction, then so be it! Get going. The answer won't be the same for us all. Trust in yourself and your ability to know what your body really needs. Then follow through. That is important... you know actually providing yourself with the nurturing you need. If you are one like me who has had anxiety triggered by some of this integration, don't beat yourself up. One step at a time and it really is okay to stay in your cave for a day or two if needed. ;) Promise.

"Learn to care for your nurturing over your surroundings (you) instead of investing in the systemic (outer everyday worker-bee) reality. Your surroundings (you/ your body) are all you have, that is what is real. It is our suggestion that you all focus on remembering this as a truth. Once you remember this truth you will heal and grow and be able to be productive with others who have accepted this truth. That is community productivity. Not the illusion you've all accepted for so long. The illusion has served as a lesson and it's lesson is complete. Open your eyes and don't be afraid of the truth. It can be hard to see the reality of what you created and played into. It is necessary for your growth." -Channeled by Savannah from Archangel Michael.

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