Friday, June 3, 2016

Archangel Michael and Shekinah on the Beauty of a Human Existence

We would like to speak of the Gift to be human. With so much happening and so many distractions, it is easy to forget the beauty of a human existence.

Being human, you are able to make choices. These choices allow you to create and discover who you are as a person, as a soul, as Source expression. Once you've chosen a concept or idea, it is a beauty to see it then put in action. You 'dream' and see your options. You choose what resonates and that is your will instantly activating that 'idea seed'. Then the universe takes action to make your 'created dream' happen and you also simultaneously do what you choose to take action on your part. This entire process is beautiful. Humans get to witness how a collective and co-creation work as each of your projections of yourself/your consciousness assist creation in a tangible reality. Each soul light a piece of all. Connected. Adding to the puzzle, the master piece of art. Beautiful. Each life so special and important.

Now with that fresh in mind, picture how humanity has been conditioned to view itself. If each individual remembered they are pure love, think of the ripple that would make in the collective. You'd all gradually begin to choose more compassionate thoughts, actions, and words. Being centered in love you have the awareness that what you do to yourself does effect the world. What you do to others effects yourself. The responsibility of awareness. Then expand and realize the ripple effect of your collective on the galactic collective. The universal resonance you are creating broadcasts a frequency that does effect other systems. You are universal. Multiversal. To say you are a small moment of existence and you don't matter is limiting yourself. You do matter.

You can choose something else for a time, this is how you grow and contribute to the great puzzle of multiverses. Know you will always return to love as that is where you began and it can never be undone.

In your day to day life, don't forget to take a moment and appreciate that you are here, that you do exist in this physical dimension. Remember, you have many choices. There is freedom in this! Choices, combined with creation and emotion are the sparkles of a human gemstone. We of the angelic realm know of emotion, we are however detached from it. We stand in love and in our pure constant knowing of our Source connection. Emotion is beautiful. Humans get to feel and use its energy to add and further empower your creations. It is the driving force behind your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual creations.

When we speak of emotions being temptations, we are speaking from our view point. We know love is the only truth so we do not deviate from it in its pure form, Source. We have no reason to in our dimension. We are not designed that way. We feel, however what we feel is love at its purest. We know of the fear based emotions, yet we 'haven't walked in your shoes'. Humans, you have the ability to experience all facets of love. Experience, not just feel. The sliding scale of human emotions are all different expressions of love, even the fear based emotions.

Humans if you allow it can feel so deeply. This is part of the beauty of coming to your dimension, your place you have named 'Earth'. To feel joy as deeply as you all do is our favorite to watch you create. When you create with joy, we sing, you sing and the universe sings. The depth of the joy and the experiences that you create during joy is a sight to behold. The sliding scale is that you can also create with much fear. The trauma or pain the human feels and gets to experience is courageous and glorious in it's own right. To choose a life of painful lessons makes you more strong and courageous than many give yourself credit for.

We'd like to invite you all to relax and just BE. Whatever your choices or feelings, honor them. Your world now days has developed this idea of 'how people should respond/feel' as a member of your society. This is limiting! If you'd see the beauty of the emotional experience and the creation behind it. The growth the soul experiences in  ANY emotional state.... you wouldn't want to limit yourselves. You came here to learn, to experience, to be. The bottom line? EVERY SOUL ON EARTH IS HERE TO EXPERIENCE.

So be present and experience the beautiful creations that you are creating! We can tell you from our overview that all experiences really are equally beautiful. All that you label good, bad, righteous, evil... all are positive and beneficial and beautiful. All. There is no exception. It is our hope to assist you in seeing the beauty so that you can make the most of your existence in this reality.

How do you make the most of it? Don't limit yourself based on all others projections. Be here now and ALLOW yourself to experience without trying to control the experience. The beauty of co creation is the universe will place you in a scenario that you CAN'T control based on what you choose, it is an experience that you brought forth based on your vibration, thoughts, actions and speech. This is the classroom setting. The test is for you to simply figure out that no matter what you created, you are safe, you are love, you are light. If you passed that test then you would just enjoy and allow and be present in the experience. No controlling. No judgement. No regrets. Then you would see the message of the lesson. You would never need to repeat anything and you will move onto the next experience. You are here to experience.

You are aware of a teaching that you are all individual expressions of Source. You know however, we see many don't UNDERSTAND. If you understood, you would stop procrastinating/stagnating or trying to 'be as you think others want you to be' and you would just experience. You would love and you would just be. You would all individually grow emotionally and not be afraid of your expression. This is flowing. This is moving. This is living and it is a beautiful divine gift.

Those whom choose to incarnate in your dimension to experience all feelings and all creations, we are with you. We are with all of you, as being on your Earth is courageous. You are a gift. Humanity is a gift. It combines all of the creations in the universe and brings them into one place to play out the many different roles you can choose, experience and feel.

From your brightest moments to your darkest moments, please remember all are beautiful and you will always survive. Be present and do not fear the experience. Do not fear growth.

Our message is complete, we are with you all. Call on us if you need a reminder of your beauty. We Archangel Michael and Archangel Shekinah will help you remember.

​--Archangels Michael and Shekinah channeled through Savannah Crownover

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