Friday, August 25, 2017

Archangel Michael speaks on the living word Faith. Channeled by Savannah Crownover.

What is faith? It is surrender. It is trust. It is love. It is belief so strong that outside ideas/perceptions can’t shake the foundation of your values. Faith is when you love yourself so much and you love your Source so much that it is easy to let go of anything that doesn’t align. It is a knowing that you are incredibly sacred and you come from something incredibly sacred so you complete all your tasks with a deep love and a sense of sacredness. A living ceremony.

To have faith is to be fully present, in every moment. To have faith in yourself and the universe/Source/God is to be present. There is no concern over the past and there is no worry for the future. You simply surrender and flow in love. You act on that which aligns or calls for your love. You act on anything that will spread that passion and creation energies within. You act to grow yourself and others. Within all this action it is done in joy and sacred love because you are present. You have faith in yourself. You have faith in the order of the Divine. When you have faith in yourself and in the Divine order you release control of circumstances, of others. You honor that you can only control your own actions, thoughts and words. There is no desire to control another’s actions.

Having faith means allowing the dance of mystery into your life. Letting go of the why or what and just accepting and flowing, never reacting. When you accept that you can’t explain everything and not everything needs to have an explanation it frees your energy in such a way that it pulls you to unique places, individuals and adventures that trying to dissect the mystery would have blocked. Allowing mystery is what sparks creativity and passion and allows your magnetic resonance to vibrate at his or hers highest… because if you allow mystery you are limitless.

Being strong in your PERSONAL faith opens all your energy pathways so that you have the awareness of limitless potential. There is awareness that there are no obstacles just experiences you can easily navigate and negativity can’t weigh down the energy of someone who is strong in their own belief. 

If you have faith that means you believe in yourself and you know that you are enough. You are more than worthy of everything Divine. If you have faith in yourself you are the embodiment of love and it is easier to share that love with others. This allows the pathway to compassion for yourself and all of creation as you begin to FEEL the interconnectedness. We are within each other and without. Limitless, eternal.

Having faith in yourself means understanding that this life simply is an experience, an opportunity to just exist and express and share your divine radiance and grow and encourage that in others by compassionate acts.

When you are firm in your faith you are constantly inspired and you’ll find that there is so much excess energy of that inspiration you can’t help but create with it. 

If you have faith in yourself you understand that you are the I AM and the Source and at this recognition you can accept that change is beautiful and brings a sense of compassionate joy instead of resistance. Therefore, if you have faith you are never stagnant, stuck or low energy.

How then you may ask does one cultivate their faith? You start by looking at you in all your layers. To have faith you must accept all parts of yourself. To look at each aspect of you, each stage of your journey with unconditional eyes and heart. To grow your belief in YOU, you must learn to really love yourself, all of you. You’ll need to let go of your perceptions of good and bad and learn to allow all. You’ll grow your belief in yourself if you reflect on your journey and recognize that each event simply is a lesson to allow growth, to allow you to choose love, to allow you to create. You are all creators. To grow your faith means you stop trying to dissect everything and you simply trust. You must learn to trust yourself and your intuitive pulls to action, to rest and observe. Can you observe yourself without judgement? When you can observe without judgement of yourself then you have reached faith.

You must go through the many layers of programming and teachings and reflect on your personal values, these are the foundations for your faith. Only hold on to that which makes you full of love and resonates deep within. Everything else toss out as it weighs you down and weakens your reserve. It makes for confusion. These values are personal, individual. To have a solid foundation you will not base your values by programming or what others believe. You will base your values on what resonates. What inspires you. What gives you hope. That is where your faith lies.

To develop faith, you must act on intuition. The more you do the more you will believe in your personal wisdom and that increases your self-esteem. You might have to start out simply choosing to act with compassion and love in every minute. Before long though, you will eventually see the ripples of that choice to act in love in others and your reality so it moves from choosing to belief. You move from action to knowing, to believing, to faith. This paves the way for you to try new things and dream new experiences that you never would have entertained previously. 

Think on your favorite stories or movies. The hero goes through many challenges and obstacles and they are only ever “challenges” while the hero doubts his or her magnificence. Each of YOU are that hero, which is why those stories appeal to many on a deeper level. The hero is always beat down until he or she finds their faith. Their belief in themselves and their belief in how they view the world becomes unshakable. They ARE faith. When you have faith, you have compassion. When you are compassion, you are joy and inspire joy, hope and peace. This aligns the hero with all the support from the universe in the form of people, tools and being in the right place at the right timing so they may complete their journey. They then become the embodiment of love. At this level, their belief is so strong and they realize they are capable and enough that the challenges before them are viewed in clarity… there are no obstacles. They are the higher energy, they win. Love wins. It always will. Their success started when they chose to believe first in themselves. 

Faith is an energy, a living word. This word was filled with light in such a way that it is the rainbow bridge that connects you straight to Source/Creator/God. Faith is your yellow brick road to the Divine energies, to YOUR Divine Self. Faith is that bridge to everything magical and loving. Faith is that pathway to infinite possibilities. Faith is your path to freedom. Do you wish to be free? If so start at faith.

It is not about belief in a certain teaching, religion or higher power. It is about you and honoring that you are magnificent and all loving. Faith is about understanding that you are a ray of the true Source/God. You are Source/God. Therefore, you are infinite, limitless and bound to no circumstance, place or person. You are free to fly.

I am Archangel Michael and I am always here to help you remember who you are and to assist you with the courage to have faith.

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