Thursday, September 28, 2017

Celebration time!!

 Sooo my big news? Dioneia and myself have been working together to manifest this beautiful sacred space. It's been challenging and it's been magical how it ended up to be. We've both learned a lot and are STILL learning along the way. :)

We've felt the call to create a sacred space, not a business center. This space serves the higher source, the divine Mother, the Father, the I Am, the highest Source of truth.  This is a temple where all can come for healing, empowerment and to find their voice again. It is a sanctuary where you can just come and BE allowing the space to just heal you as you need. It's not about business... it is about BEing, remembering, healing.

I know we are all excited about where this can go, our vision is a big one and growing daily. Please come celebrate with us in this sacred divine space. It is already Wednesday, I know it is short notice but we are inspired by the momentum building and want to keep that momentum going. :)

I hope to see you there. Saturday, the 30th at 5pm-7pm.

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