Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thanks for your patience!

Good afternoon! It is a glorious day. :) Even though I feel I could use a nap, I have too much to do and so much inspiration to keep on moving.

I know reaching me lately has been... challenging. I am forever grateful for your patience. A lot of people know that I am up to something but I am waiting to reveal exactly what.

I'm working to open something new which will be revealed very soon. I promise! :) I've also received more inspiration for my technology with which I've SLOWLY been working to put together. The technology will come faster after I get my new project up and running. At least that is how I see it.

This has been an interesting period full of challenges and many lessons. It's been inspiring a lot of growth and change, which is always a great thing. I'm stepping up and out of my comfort zone here.... it is all for the good though.

I know I'm being very vague here... I'm hoping to be able to reveal within a week or maybe two at max, what has been happening and I am hoping you all will enjoy it and be able to find empowerment and healing like I have.

I'm also learning the power of gratitude and that expressing it openly is powerful. So, I am taking a moment to say on my blog publicly that I am so grateful for this new adventure. Grateful for the divines for guiding it. Grateful to those who have supported along the way and helped, so grateful for that one. Grateful to myself for taking a huge GIANT leap.

I've had a huge lesson in following intuition without question, the power of holding faith and trusting when other circumstances try to interfere. I've learned to return to the flow of abundance... A lot of hard life lessons that I hope to be able to also use soon with events as I've lived it so I know these methods are tried and true. Those along the way have lived them too.

Anyway, I just wanted to get on here and say thank you for being patient as I have been occupied with my new project and it requires my full attention. I can't say enough how excited and inspired I am and hope you all will be, when I get to share what has been building.

Back to work...

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