Channeled Messages and Energy Bodywork

Channeled Communications and Energy Bodywork

Channeled Messages/Intuitive Guidance:
Savannah receives information by channeled messages and telepathic communications from ascended masters, archangels, galactic federation, celestial guides, your higher self and your ancestors. She also uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizance abilities to receive information that is most beneficial for your souls evolution.

Energy bodywork that can include:
Reiki, crystals, healing with universal frequencies.

*Reiki is made of two Japanese words. "Rei" which means 'Gods wisdom or higher power' and "Ki" which is 'life force energy'. It is a stress reduction and healing technique in which life force energy is channeled through Savannah to the client. The more life force energy you have, the less you are sad, stressed and sick. Reiki treats the entire person -body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is a gentle and relaxing, loving form of energy bodywork.

Crystals may be used to enhance the experience. Crystals are magical and have their own energy and gifts to assist us. They can promote healing, enhance psychic abilities, help you tap into ancient wisdom, protect us, balance us and much more.

Arcturian healing and clearing.
The healing from the Arcturians can be a beneficial experience. This method of energy work was taught to Savannah by the Arcturians.

The Arcturian electrical healing allows the cells of your body to vibrate at a higher frequency that clears away negative thoughts and emotions contributing to any dis-ease. It instantly breaks up and clears blocks, debris and stagnant energy in you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychically.

This electrical frequency that is transmitted not only raises your frequency, it balances out your atoms and chakra centers so that they all are vibrating at the same speed. This allows for the proper communication between your bodies many systems.

This electrical frequency healing clears and reconnects all of your body's meridians in all dimensions of yourself. It also opens and activates your chakras in all dimensions of yourself and repairs and activates DNA.

This is a multiverse healing method. This healing goes beyond the present moment into all of your existences.

Past life regressions to help with soul retrieval and clearing emotions.
Past life regression and soul retrieval help to clear deep rooted emotions and patterns caused by trauma and negative habits through your many lifetimes. Our soul has memories of past tramas, broken hearts, bad habits and even deaths that can cause blockages in your present life if not cleared. Savannah will teach you how to meditate and walk you through the lives that are needed to be cleared of old negative energy patterns of this lifetime.

Guided meditations and visualizations.
Sometimes Savannah will be guided to walk you through a meditation/visualization. These meditations are channeled from your guides, archangels, and ascended masters just to name a few. These meditations can take you to your sacred space and allow you to go beyond to various experiences that will benefit your growth and mental and emotional well being.

Frequency Infusions

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Color Therapy

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