Frequency Infusions

Frequency Infusions
The infusions from the Galactic Federation and Archangels are a blast of extremely high frequency that is transmitted directly into your physical body. It expands the amount of energy that you currently hold physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically. The high frequency infusion also rapidly expands the amount of light that your body holds to maintain a higher vibration.
These high frequency infusions work opposite of what many are familiar with. Instead of integrating through your spiritual body down to your physical body, these infusions are blasted directly into the physical and permeate upward and out.
These infusions by-pass the ego creating rapid and immediate transformation from within. These infusions allow you to release your fears, helping you to be free and see beyond the illusion of 3D programming. They help you to own your light and be the beautiful creator being that you are.
During your appointment you will be given a frequency infusion, unique for you. Followed by channeled communications explaining your infusion and channeled guidance on what is most aligned for your souls evolution at this time.
Even though each infusion is unique, all can expect these infusions to enhance communications with light beings and allow for a change in your perception, bringing more awareness into your reality.

Ashtar and the Galactic Federation are high level beings of light that are working to protect the universe and assist with bringing light, love, enlightenment and the evolution of free will.

The Archangels 15 consist of: Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Metatron, Gabriel, Raguel, Haniel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jeremial, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Ariel, and Azrael                        

How does it work?
First lets start with the most common question, 'what is an infusion?'

The dictionary defines infusion as:
:  the act or process of infusing <an infusion of new ideas>

:  a product obtained by infusing <herbal infusions>
:  the continuous slow introduction of a solution especially into a vein

An infusion is a combination of frequencies transmitted directly into your physical self. It is unique for you to assist with new ways of seeing, thinking, communicating and feeling. It is like being given your own gift of a paradigm shift. The infusion from the Federation and Archangels take days to unravel. Maybe longer! Though it is immediately integrated into the physical, it works through your layers to reveal more of your true soul potential. The speed at which it unlocks information in your energy field is up to you and your allowing. It usually helps if you let it do it's thing and you drop your expectations.

In an appointment, Savannah first connects with your energy and your guidance team, opening herself to your team and/or Federation/Angels who want to assist. You will be given a frequency infusion, unique for you. Followed by channeled communications explaining your infusion.

Even though each infusion is unique, all can expect these infusions to enhance communications with light beings and allow more awareness into your reality.

You will never get the same infusion twice. Each time it is catered to what is most aligned for your souls evolution in the moment.

Although they are transmitted from the Galactic Federation and Archangels, other guides may come forward to connect with you and add their frequency to your infusion. It can be a universal process. Anything from your guides, deities, to celestial beings, ancestors... it is based on you and your group that came to assist you in this incarnation.

Who would benefit from these?
Frequency Infusions are beneficial for those who wish to deepen their spiritual work. The infusions are great for anyone who may feel 'stuck' in life and need a new perspective, that creative push.

A frequency infusion session can bring awareness to your spiritual support team that are waiting to assist you, or perhaps simply confirmation of those whom you felt were around you.

They often give techniques and meditations/visualizations for you to use.

The infusions are more for questions regarding your spiritual practice or another perspective on how to work through an obstacle. If you are looking for relationship, money or career advice I'd recommend the intuitive reading.

Because I specialize in extraterrestrial communication, many have come with unexplained experiences. I communicate and receive information to help you understand what is going on, from their perspective.

The frequency infusions will bring to the surface what is needed to allow more awareness and will help you be able to let go of any fear based programming you may have by shifting your perspective and assisting for a balance of using your will, with co-creation of the divine to anchor you in the present moment.

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