About Savannah

Savannah specializes in frequency infusions and channeled messages from the Galactic Federation and the Archangels.

Savannah provides psychic intuitive guidance, channeled communications, energy bodywork, past life regression, chakra balancing, arcturian healing, frequency infusions, psychic development classes, ascension series, and more...

Though her specialty is with the Galactic Federation and the Archangels. As a channel, other energies come through based on what the client is aligned to and open to receiving.

Savannah has been around these energies her entire life. It wasn't until she moved back to Ohio in 2009 that she started to explore her skills and work with the public. This took her on an adventure to study with the International Metaphysical University where she became ordained and learned spiritual counseling, energy anatomy, the power of language, the Hermetic Philosophy and more.

Wanting a more hands on approach, Savannah found a mentor and worked with her for about a year to help strengthen Savannah's ability to channel, remote view, to perform spiritual cleansing and various other gifts.

Savannah attended the ULE expos in Ohio often and being a fan, took a leap of faith to do her first expo in 2013, the Angels and Aliens Expo. That leap of faith was a turning point for her and opened the doors for this to become more than just a hobby.

This is when the Frequency Infusions were taught to her by the Galactic Federation, Ashtar and the Archangels. Opening to their guidance, the Arcturian healing and a form of fear release therapy was taught to her. This paved the way for many more interests she began studying, such as Color Therapy Harmonics systems.

Now days, Savannah teaches channeling classes and psychic development based on how she learned. She can also be found channeling a Guidance series and Ascension series. Savannah also takes private appointments and does event/party readings.

Email: savannah@savannahcrownover.com
Phone: 6149401813

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