"I would like to thank you.. you've helped me alot. My gratitude extends very deeply. I can clearly hear messages from my guides. Thank you for all you do." -Benjamin H.

"So glad I crossed paths with you, changed my life forever in such a great-positive-beautiful way!!!" -Brian L.

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise, Savannah. Invaluable." -Mike M.

"My experience with Savannah was nothing short of incredible. I had a full session with her several weeks ago followed with a short session at an expo. She channeled in several Archangels that were there to help me with various issues, including shielding myself and working with my past lives. Also, while channeling in some very high vibrational beings from the Galactic Federation, many memories of past lives came back to me. The infusions were fantastic, the energy helped me to raise my vibration higher than it has ever been, and I am currently still working with beings she brought through to help me with the healing process. I guess to sum it all up, working with Savannah has been life changing! Thank you!" -Gary M.

"Savannah is very gifted and facilitated answers to all of my current questions. My session was very comfortable and exciting, she even touched base after the session, providing additional help and support. My family supports her as she does this powerful work of uplifting of humanity!" -Katie W.

"Thanks I feel better. Energy at highest level yet. The expo infusion was great. This follow-up reiki session was off the charts." -Glenn C.

"I have only positive things to say. I felt like I got guidance and information on everything I needed to know at the point I'm at on my journey. Lots of amazing insight and help to manifest the reality that is best for my divine life purpose. It was really nice to have that validity of a first hand experience/interaction with "the other side". Higher dimensions. I was very grateful to synchronistically be at your meditation to guide me to seek a session with you. I hope to be able to see you again, in the future! I think you're great and have a wonderful and soft energy and really appreciated your being! And still appreciate it, of course" -Nina P.

"Savannah is an incredible Channeler and this meetup was off the charts amazing!!! The price is minimal for the amount of information and high vibrational fun you receive!
Thanks again Savannah....you rocked it!" -Kim F.

"We all gathered, received an infusion of love, connected to source and practiced. A great group." -Cindy E.

"Savannah, this group is just what I was looking for.” -Judi T.

"Was a great and very helpful meetup Savannah. Appreciate the work you do!" -Ruth P.

"Excellent Session!!!!" -Sue C..

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